Lights floating at ground level

I love the floating lights at ground level. Especially the red lights they have floating on highways to simulate traffic.

Super realistic


I just don’t get how a next gen “sim” is missing things we already had in Xplane.

How does a 10 year old sim have better lighting effects?

Where are the high speed taxiway lights?

Where is turbulence?

Where is the real world weather they promised?

Seriously this sim is cool for VFR during the day but that’s it.


You’re right. I think you should go back to xplane. Dont look back!


I dont like the red lights either to be honest, they look out of place. Generally though at low levels the FS lighting looks quite nice I think. I would like to see the intensity dialled down a bit on the runway lights though, they are too bright. Ant they need to do something better at high altitudes.


I agree night is quite underwhelming. Has a pass at low level (even considering the floating orbs you mention) but the glowing terrain al high altitudes looks very FSX-ish.


I have also these floating lights blobs, white or red. I think they are supposed to be street lights, but they are far too high. If you are flying very low, they look like UFO’s.
Come on Microsoft/Asobo, we had this problem for so long. Cant, you solve it?


Seems like they’re all over the place… I had them at CZST.

+1 this is an issue everywhere.

Can you guys upvote this post in bugs and issues? That way it can get more visibility?

It’s a known issue and will be fixed in a future update.

2.5 months later still not fixed. I’m guessing it’s an engine issue and will never be fixed. Can’t wait for xplane 12.

What a disappointment this sim turned out to be.