Lights - Strobes do not light up vicinity in cloud

Not sure if aircraft other than the A320neo are affected.

Strobe lights do not create a flashing strobe effect when flying in IMC. These in combination with landing lights should potentially disorient a pilot flying in IMC.

Picture below of the strobe light on, and the wing light on. The wing light floods the air with ambient light in the cloud…while the strobe (which is far more powerful) is only a small dot in comparison.

Same angle, same conditions, but with the strobe lights off and the landing lights on.

I noticed the same thing yesterday flying through cloud at night in the Bonanza.

But they light up all interior of the aircraft!! :grin:

The strobes and beacons do not light up the ground as well properly. These lights as well as their reflection from the ground is very dull and lacks that flashy bloom effect. (Better rendered in XP11)

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