Like Burning Man, But With (More) Airplanes

Barring a global pandemic, there is an annual event north of Reno, Nevada, USA called the High Sierra Fly In, when a dry lake bed becomes one of the most crowded airports in the area

There are STOL competitions, fireworks, good food, camaraderie and a lot of exploring the area in planes with big tires.

In MSFS there might be a problem hosting a virtual event. Dead Cow Airport is still underwater!

Looks like the High Sierra fly-in in MSFS2020 will be for float planes only! :slight_smile:


I’ve already taken care of that :slight_smile:


I like that the sim displays sand on the tires! :wink:

Ah, excellent, thank you.

I was thinking this might be why the ‘seasons’ is on the roadmap but seemingly shifted to the far future. If they base everything on Bing Maps satellite imagery, it’s gonna be hard to have lakes dry up in the summer. The whole world is basically a one time snapshot.

That’s gonna be a headache.

I was wondering about that in terms of ice runways as well…In the summer, it might be a sea plane base or just a lake. In the winter the water freezes and someone breaks out a plow and some orange cones…

Or if they took the satellite image in winter, you might find a frozen lake in summer :slight_smile:

Thanks for saying that - it reminded me to look and see if there was a bug for the Icon’s landing gear not going down when it is in the water so you can taxi onto the beach.