Liking The Twin Otter

I have had it for a day and am extremely happy with this bird so far. I just completed a short run from KDYT at Duluth to KMSP without doing too much damage to a bus at KMSP on the runway.


Now on to Meigs with real weather…fingers crossed.

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Has the sounds been fix? I’ve been holding out because of that. Been flying the Kodiak and it’s great!

Sorry I’m not knowledgeable enough to know what the sounds should be like. I am not fussy and am ok with the way it is currently for me.

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The sounds are actually ok but it is the transitions between them people are complaining about and then the level.

Aerosoft are going to, or are recording, new sound from the actual plane.

No timing announced.

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The sound effects still have some glitches but I don’t care anymore. It’s a beautiful bird to fly, very stable and predictable. It has an autopilot but I found myself really enjoying handflying it most of the time. I love my Kodiak too but its sensitivity and unpredictable behaviour makes me want to switch on the autopilot as soon as I’m in the climb.

I flew the Otter from Minneapolis to Meigs earlier with live weather catching the tremendously high winds. It handled that very well.

Yeah I’m happy I bought this recently. Very much enjoying it.

Haha, I guess nobody in the sim community will ever accept that Meigs is gone :rofl::rofl: We fly there anyway. And if there‘s no airport we just create one :rofl::+1::+1:


The Kodiak has a really good mod available at It suddenly feels like an airplane using it.

I was worried about the sound and delayed my purchase. Yesterday I finally bought it and I am happy I did! If only I would have more time to fly it…

It should be fun to try out the different variations that are included with the package

What the name of the mod?

I guess it’s time I’ll buy it then.

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I love my Twin Otter. If you are interested in picking one up, deff watch some youtube videos of people starting them, taking off, and landing irl. It is really cool to do it how you see it done in the videos.

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I’ve been enjoying my cross American tour with the twin otter such a fantastic aircraft I’ve even landed it at my old high school :slight_smile:

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