LIMC Malpensa for MSFS

Please PM me for a download link.


What’s the point of your post? Do you want to showcase your work? Please edit your post to make your intention understandable for others who read your thread. Thanks.


His point is clear and his intention is understandable for others who read his thread. He made a custom scenery, he posted a picture with the instruction to pursue in order to gain access to the download. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

Not even close. If he wants to share his work then why doesn’t he just post the link in the original post? Also, he can easily put it on where many more people will see it and download it. Is he trying to beta test it? Is it still work in progress and is that why he wants people to PM him? None of this is clear.

Yes, almost everyone share their work on And yes, many provide a lot of info.

Does this mean that he MUST publish on No.
Does this mean that he MUST provide info? No.
Does advancing any kind of request on a freeware product falls within the concept of CHOOSING BEGGAR? Yes.

If he’s point is not clear how comes that I understood that this is a custom scenery and that I must PM him to download it?

Finally, and I cannot stress this enough, which part of the concept of FREEWARE is not clear to you?

If you think I’m some kind of beggar just because I am critiquing the way OP chose to post his freeware creation then you’re wrong. I’ve spent a lot of money so far on payware sceneries in the marketplace and I am fully aware of the work and time required to produce any sort of scenery or content for this game. I am not someone who demands free stuff from hard working devs and community creators. I was just pointing out the abnormal and borderline suspicious nature of OP in his post. As I said, most freeware (and payware ones as well for that matter) creators are eager to share screenshots and links to their creations as soon they feel it’s ready for public release. Posting a single screenshot with a single sentence about a something you created in a busy public forum is not being clear and straightforward about your intentions. That being said, I respect your opinion and view on the matter, however, I’d appreciate it if you refrain from the name calling.

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Can I have a link to download this, pls?

Thank you very much!

Hi, thank you for the work. I point out that all the vehicles and planes are sunk in the ground - they come out only when observed from zero height.

This is excellent @ManFlxSrsRwy! Can’t believe I only just found it.

Where is best to bookmark for updates?

Topic moved into 3rd Party Airports #third-party-addon-discussion:airports

Unfortunately the project is discontinued due to it being too much time consuming.

Thank you anyway for the appreciation.

This is a known issue, for other issues you may encounter please read the Changelog provided with the link.

Thank you!

E’ ancora disponibile?

Moderator Translation:

Is it still available?

Mmmmm… I do believe not all textures in this project are done by the poster and are borrowed from commercial projects.

This looks really really similar to Aerosoft for P3D, are you sure it’s not converted from p3d?

Any way of having a link @ManFlxSrsRwy ?

ciao, come posso avere il link per installare questo magnifico aeroporto da te creato?

Ciao, è ancora possibile avere questo aeroporto?? Attendo una risposta grazie!

Please, can I just have download link? Thanks