Limited by mainthread while GPU is almost idle

My CPU (intel i5 9600K @3.7GHz) is being maxed out 98% of any one core, but 66ish% over all utilisation since the last update. I thought it was my GPU (RTX 2080 super), but that’s now practically idle at 2-4%.
Very frustrating, as even for relatively low density cities, frame rates fall below 20fps. It was better before the last update. Surely more of the processing can be put onto the GPU.
At this rate, I’ll need to spring for a new motherboard and CPU. Not very happy.

There is an issue with performance and FPS introduced by SU3. The Mainthread Limitation was there before. This will maybe solved with further optimization of the simulator. Refer to this topic for more information:

Hi there! What you are having as an issue is one that has been brought up. Please see the topic that @EpicPrimus linked you, as that topic as been pushed up to the team. I will move your post into that topic. Thank you!

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