Link to latest SDK

Once in a while… sorry, I have not narrowed what causes this, but I get the following error
MSFS System Error

Any clues?

No idea… You feel it’s related to the SDK? Could be an idea to exclude everything FS-related from your antivirus scan and realtime-protection. At your own risk ofc, but I’ve seen a lot of things not working until I made a rule to exclude it from scan.

This only occurred when in DevMode and the SDK is installed. Actually, this System Error is not specific to as I experienced it with prior releases of the SDK & MSFS2020 releases.

I do not know enough about the SDK to claim it is that. I was unable to trace the exact cause or what specific steps I did to generate the overflow. It could be related to anything that is running, but the System Error was generated by the operating system (Windows 10), not Norton Antivirus.

Load FlightSimulator
Enable Developer Option
Setup a new flight, airplane and location
Click Fly in planning mode and after the flight is loaded.
Options… Pause Simulation
Camera… Developer Camera
Moving around the location I want to edit… System Error.

Restart Flight Simulator and follow the same steps and it did not happen a second time.

how do you download it from the sim? Is it not automatically?

Start Developer Mode, and there’s a link in the menu.

i download then i run, is that it? Still taxiways dont render, is that still an issue?


Ask in the proper forum for the SDK. This is only to provide an external link to the download.

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Do you understand how the SDK links in with the Dev Mode?

No, i think its when the game updates it updates too.

No - they are separate. The SDK can be updated other than a game update.

how do i do that?

Do what - I have kind of lost what you are trying to do. To download the SDK make sure Dev Mode is turned on in the sim and Go to Help > Downloads > SDK Installer


Yeah, i did download that, but it is just some files. The taxiways dont render and i dont even know if the sdk is updated.

I don’t think your issue has anything to do with this topic. You need to be a lot more specific than taxiways don’t render. What taxiways?

if i place taxiways using points they show but the taxiways (the roads) dont show, nothing i can do for it to work.

But im asking, how do you update the SDK, just download the files and thats it?

Uninstall the old version first. Then do a fresh install.

What tool are you using to place the taxiways?

how? I dont even know how to install the SDK

the taxiway point but all others dont work too.