LIPB and the mountains

There is something wrong with the mountains by the LIPB airport. Any ideas what reason for this might be? Anyone else seen this issue?

I landed today and everything was fine for me, sorry
i use xbox s

Am I really the only one with those white areas on the mountains? Might be because of the corrupted files or some conflict with another scenery? Anyone?

Hi, I just spawned at LIPB to investigate (but I’m using the payware for LIPB, not the WU9 version). I’m not seeing this issue. I tried to reproduce your exact shot and it seems to me your are using some kind of different DEM? Some of the mountains look a bit more detailed in your shot and the city autogen also looked a bit different, which should be unaffected by the choice of LIPB version.

So I think it’s best to check your mods for the area and remove them from the Community folder, then add them back in one by one to find the culprit. Also, you can always try to delete your rolling cache in case you have some broken data in there.

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