[LIST] All Payware & Freeware Aircraft (01-14-22)

I’m debating adding Community Improvement Mods to this thread. Some developers have focused on improvement mods, however their exceptions were based off the following.

Bagolu and Got Gravel have done heavy 3D model modifications aside from various Improvements.

FlyByWire is an obvious exception for the same and more.

Let me get with the FS² Community and see their thoughts…

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Yeah… the reason I don’t include freeware on the list I maintain is because you end up sorting through stuff like Delorean and Mario Kart. Your list is basically identical to mine except it has all that freeware - whether it’s aircraft or a Winnebago RV. :wink:

There are also endless conversions and sloppy stuff. Just too much. So my list remains for payware only.

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I’ve seen your list! Great list. Reason I went this route with a stricter criteria was for Freeware Add-Ons. There are loads of FSX conversions, improvements and other random things uploaded as Freeware, so it’s hard to find the ones that have modern development.

Primarily I’m tracking both sides because there are Hidden Gems in the Freeware community that deserve more attention. Some of these add-ons are on par or better than some payware add-ons.

In terms of freeware… the only things I have (ALL ORIGINAL, not a mod of default) are Grumman Goose, FBW A320, Airbus H135, Top Mach F-22, and Golden Age Kinner B-2. Those seem to be the most developed ones. Plus the Ministrel taildragger.

Maybe after our next update then… we’ve done a massive amount of remodelling!
We shall see
Thanks anyway

After discussing the future of this list with FS² and MSFS Forum Moderators, I have decided to stand by the original criteria. This list compliments the other pinned list in this category nicely. That being said, please refer all Improvement Mods and Gauge/Garmin Mods to the already existing thread to be cataloged:


Added Husky A-1C Aviat [Payware] to the list.

Added PA-28-161 Warrior II [Payware] to the list.

Added Rutan Model 202 Boomerang [Freeware] to the list.

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That’s definitely the beat he’s bumpin’ haha! Thanks for the catch.

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Thanks for including the Boomerang in your list!


Touching Cloud has released the payware version of their Jetwing the JW1 “SkyPirat” for EUR 9.60 on SimMarket

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Added Got Friends: Gee Bee R3 Special


Lionheart also released a new aircraft yesterday.

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Ah thank you, will take a look at SimMarket now and add any missed


Is there a way to distinguish mods that are new to MSFS vs mods that are FSX conversions?

That’s basically what this list is doing. I’ve excluded all add-on aircraft that still use an .mdl model file (FSX), aren’t clickable, or use a cockpit swap from another native aircraft to fake native compatibility. An easy way to tell if it’s a Legacy aircraft is to see if it creates a _CVT folder in your Community folder.


Another aircraft just released on Simmarket, Vought Crusader F8 E :slightly_smiling_face:

today’s news : the robinsonR44


Aeroplane Heaven Spitfire Mk1A also released today.

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As of 22.9.21 PMP has announced on their Discord the end of all support for their A330 and A321. I was looking forward to seeing where these could go. Hopefully someone will pick these up.

Dave Garwood De Havilland DH-89 Dragon rapide MSFS native at SOH