List of all payware aircraft for MSFS (Updated 5/21/22, 132 releases)

Added MilViz Cessna C310R

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ummh … did we miss something rather large and rather significant ?

Didn’t that just come out today? I don’t think that’s exactly a “miss”.

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Jeez… :wink: I didn’t miss it. Just haven’t updated til now.

Added PMDG Boeing 737-700. Good to go.


Added Fenix Airbus A320CEO

Hi, I check your list very often, it’s a great work, thank you. But I miss some more information about the planes; GA / Airliner / Military / Vintage / Piston / Turboprop / etc. Is it possible?

Note that the Honda Jet is now available

Hey Jeremy, the Flight Replicas L-4 Grasshopper is out (direct from dev, USD 15.99)

GKS Mig-21BIS released on Marketplace
Local Legends #4 (Savoia-Marchetti S.55) is also out now on the Marketplace

Velocity XL from Black Square. £19.99 from the Just Flight store (maybe available on other sites ??)


Also the FSReborn Sting S4 (on the marketplace)

and … also … the Local legend SAVOIA-MARCHETTI S.55 (on the Market Place)

EDIT: already mentioned above

CL 415 - Roland Laborie - On Simmarket -

EUR 34.80

SPS-8 Q4NG by Snow Palm Studios on Simmarket

Looks truly awful though.

Aeroplane Heaven de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk