List of known 787 problems

Starting this topic to list down mine and your known problems with the 787-10 aircraft, in hope the aircraft get fixed or we can learn from others how to deal with the issue

So far these are the problems that i encounter

  1. 787 will bounce on taxiing when aircraft is loaded with heavy payload or full fuel (despite the center of gravity is within the acceptable perimeter), the bounce effect will worsen during takeoff

  2. 787 could liftoff prematurely before v1, the only way to counter it is push the nose down during takeoff and release upon v1

  3. Turning when taxiing only can be done within range of 5 -10 kts, the slower the better (i have no ideas if this is correct in real life)

  4. Autoland is not working

  5. Autothrottle randomly become inactive, the disengage button will not respond to deactivate, resetting the AP does not make it work, switching AP modes also does not make it work, the green SPD will disappear from the display

  6. VNAV cannot hold altitude, have to counter it by using ALT mode and VS mode

  7. LNAV suddenly malfunctioned, doesn’t follow the flight path despite it is active (LNAV indicator is on)

Hoping this list can be an input for the developer and to be addressed


I can recommend exactly 8 kts, when it comes to turning :cold_face:


Yes very precise 8kts, under will be slower, higher will be stiffer

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I am currently experiencing the same problems. i would recommend reporting it to Zendesk as the more information they get, they can improve it.


Add Elevator trim, autopilot off and trim does its own thing. Full nose up or down…


never experience this yet … the plane is beautiful but it is bugged alot

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reporting a new bug, ILS captured but the airplane wont follow the G/S to go down


What about the fuel burn? Simbrief shows burn should be about 12,000lbs/hr. Im only burning 4,200 lbs/hr at cruise.

about fuel also it is weird, it is being far very efficient on manual IFR flight, however if you use the jump to feature you might lose more than what you carry … i have a friend who constantly observe about it … so yes

Fuel consumption is bugged

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Have you tried to take off with low payload/fuel? As soon as I accelerate the aircraft has an imbalance and strikes the tail on the runway

Yeah i get the nose lift too. Trim settings are definitely off in the large planes, as are their actual flight behavior and performance.

Another issue is how the weight and balance menus load aircraft. Once you start dragging the percentage slider for payload, it just loads the same weight in each section/compartment equally. Not a realistic way of loading an aircraft at all.

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Anyone else experiences bumping up in the air after landing? It feels like a skippy ball.


I was able to get the autothrottle working again by saving and reloading the flight.

Not the best solution but at least you don’t have to deal with it for a 9 hour flight.

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have you tried to push the nose down a bit during accelerate?

here are my usual takeoff:

  • flap 10/15
  • throttle to 40%, stabilize first (use rudder if i must)
  • TO/GA, while pushing the nose down just slightly
  • wait for V1 callout and release the nose down

the aircraft will take off smoothly

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what’s your landing speed?

Since you know that the 787 prematurely rotates on its own way too early, why don’t you trim the aircraft nose down before starting the takeoff run.
Things like aircraft rotating too early / on their own even happen IRL due to a wrong stab trim setting.

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I will give it on my next take off

145-150 knots. Too fast?

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Approach speed is weight dependant and hence can vary considerable in case of large aircraft like the 787.

try to do 135-140kts