List of things to add and fix

So far I like sim a lot. It has great potential. Here’s a list of things I’ve noticed in 2 days of having it:

No option to assign reverse thrust to individual engines. Going below the indentation on my Logitech throttles doesn’t work. Must toggle reversers with a button and then move levers forward again to engage reverse thrust. Needs assignments option engine 1 reverse thrust hold at max, engine 2 reverse thrust hold at max, etc… So when pulling down on the Logitech thrust levers past the indentation those “buttons” activate the reversers and hold them at max thrust til you release the throttles

Taxiways lights appear purple-ish at night instead of blue at airports

Lots of airports have taxiway edge lights and signs in the middle of the taxiways, noticed it badly at KMDW

White bleed through around the edges of the flight display screens in the cockpit of all the glass cockpit equipped single engine and twin engine prop aircraft

Trees as tall as the skyscrapers they are next to in Chicago along the coastline going north from the city core

No view option to tilt view down or up in chase plane mode. The plane by default is on the lower part of the screen with the camera looking tilted too upward. you can’t tilt the spot plane view down so the aircraft sits more in the middle of the screen

Needs to be a “scenery gateway” where users can upload fixed airport sceneries like correct runway widths and edge sign and lights replacement for Microsoft to approve and make available for download or implement them by default. Xplane uses this and users have greatly improved default airports for them.

Overall I like the sim and it’s waaay ahead of it’s competitors in so many ways but clearly there is a long way to go to polish this thing up.

the sim crashes to desktop once every hour or 2 for no apparent reason.

Lots of roads are green colored

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Is there a way to save individual peripheral controls profiles for each aircraft?

  • unable to check the checklist
  • unable to remove the pop-up labels in cockpit
  • View system needs to be reworked; too many options; not intuitive
  • G1000 needs a lot of updating
  • Unable to disable the pop-up toolbar
  • ATC needs improvement

The spoilers axis doesn’t act like an axis when assigning a throttle lever and the spoilers don’t move at all when the lever is moved.

I found a major graphical glitch just east of Grand Canyon West airport 1G4 In the canyon floor the river appears to have a dam or waterfall due to canyon floor elevation change but as you fly low and approach the “dam” it becomes transparent and you see under ground. I also saw it appear to melt like rainbow water colors. It’s fine from a little higher up but if your cruising low in the canyon it’s awful to look at.

To find it takeoff on 17 from 1G4 and turn immediately left and decend into the grand canyon, you’ll find the glitch there