Little Dirt Roads In Forrest Are Far To Wide!

These little walkways in the forrests just look awfull. They have the size of motorways and spoil the whole scenery! Some of them might be tracks for tractors, but they are still far too wide. Usually you even don’t see them from the air: The trees hide them completely.
The issue is on the whole world and has to bee corrected by Asobo asap.

Better without, than as they are now. This ist really FSX style … :frowning:

That looks like you’re showing the ‘generic’ scenery and not the satellite imagery. Look at the fields and other roads too.

But yes, they’re horrible.

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Since you asked so nicely…

Could you give us the exact location of this, please? lat/long would be useful. I’d like to compare your image to existing satellite photography.

I took the pictur in the Mosel region, but the issue was all over the world. But I tried now the solution, ClayishCoast gave me. I just switched in the data options “Bing Data World Graphics” to on. And the world looks nice again!


Thanks EbiPilot

Sometimes you will see this even when you’re using the Bing data if the internet (or possibly the Microsoft servers) can’t keep up. In that case, it will fix itself eventually. The generic fields are a dead giveaway for me when this happens :slight_smile: