“Little G1000” - My quest for mouse-less VR (The "It's not pretty but it works" Edition)

I love techy threads like this!:beers:

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I gather you are building a VR cockpit for a specific aircraft then? (Perhaps the 182 whos N number is your username?).

I’m not too concerned with trying to nail a specific layout since I equally enjoy flying hard IFR approaches in the TBM or hopping around rural Alaska in the Husky.

In my next evolution of my controller, I may move it to the right side of the bravo rather than between the two and make it a little bigger and add some additional functionality to it…

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I use SketchUp for designing 3d objects (then export to stl). I have an Ender 3 and use Cura for slicing. Didn’t know what I was doing, but I found CHET on YouTube. Lots of good tips and explanationing. ← that’s a word.

A shame I’m going to paint them white!

That should be pretty slick when finished.

What’s the reason for painting them white? I guess I didn’t catch it when you mentioned painting them before.

I have since ordered a Prusa mini+. Supposed to be here early this coming week. I looked at the Ender but I ultimately decided on the Mini+ because I’m more interested in “plug and play” rather then endless mod-ability.

I don’t foresee needing a bigger print volume than the mini (famous last words).

I’ve tried sketchup (for other things) in the past but never got the hang of it. I used autocad extensively many years ago so I’m more at home in a CAD type application.

Maybe I’ll give sketchup another shot.

I’m painting them and my entire panel white as I intend to use it with vr. I’m calling it Project Braille. No visuals, just knobs and switches located where they would be IRL. (With minor adjustments for what feels natural.). I already have the 6-pack, ignition, panel switches, flaps, throttle & mixture in place. Feels really nice so far.