Little Nav Map 2.6.0 Beta problem

Has anyone managed to get the beta version working?

I had the previous version working ok but this one is advertised as having MSFS support.
Downloaded it from the official site and extracted it but it doesn’t seem to include the .exe file to run it.

Working fine here XTC, Loads up a flightplan into MSFS quite nice.
The .exe is shown in the LNM directory, looking at it now. I did get rid of the old version before I ran the new one. Fresh start.

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Wierd , I don’t see that file in mine.
Have redownloaded it again and extracted I get this.

Can’t see an .exe in any subfolder either

Maybe your anti-virus is removing it?

I’ll take a look, doesn’t report anything and previous version installed ok.

Got it working, wouldn’t install to my D: drive for some reason, works fine on my C: drive , Strange one, then again it is a beta :slight_smile:

Hmmmmm, I see what you mean, should appear right below LICENSE.txt.
How about if you temporarily stop any anti-virus?
When I extracted I came up with a directory (in my Local Disk (C:) ) of LittleNavMap 2.6 and under that a directory of Little Navmap.

Not sure what you could try next.
EDIT: ah, I see you got it working under C…good.

Yeah, thanks for replies guys, all good now. Looking good so far :ok_hand:t2:

Working Great Here