Little nav map and gps problems?

hello I’m new to fs2020 I’ve been using little nav map to flight plan whenever I carry out an ils plan and load it through fs2020 the plan shows a zig zag route on the cockpit gps but normal on the external vfr map? also the gps/vor indicator on the heading indicator on external view shows different directions to the internal cockpit heading indicator. can anyone help ?


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You are not going to have much luck. The Flight Planner has been broken since SU5 July 27. Several posts have been made about the problem, but I am not sure anything is scheduled to be done about it. Had hoped that it would be fixed in the last Hot Fix, but wasn’t. It seems like all you can plan is a Point A to Point B trip. Very frustrating since it was working very well before SU5. I had used Little NavMap for all of my flight planning before and it worked very well. Not much Fun at the moment.

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Oh well that sucks :confused: well thanks for the reply much appreciated :+1:.

Sorry, I should have added the following earlier, but got distracted. There is a workaround that seems to work that you can try. It works for me and others and will let you use your Little Navmap plans until this gets fixed.
First, save and export your Little Navmap flight plan as IFR in LNM. Second load the flight plan in MSFS. It should now show correctly. Now, request IFR Clearance in the ATC Window and then take off. You should be able to engage the Autopilot and follow the route. At that point in the ATC window Cancel IFR, then proceed as a VFR flight. The Nearest Airport List should now also show.

Note: it seems if you cancel IFR before getting airborne, it doesn’t work.

Hope this helps.

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