Little Nav Map "Night Mode"!

Maybe this is old news to many people, but just found our that Little Nav Map has a Night / Dark mode. It’s much easier on the eyes and less distracting when flying in a dark room :slight_smile:


I was looking for this option. Perhaps I am overlooking it, but what “switch” turns onthe dark/night mode shown?


Little Nav Map is amazing! The features and functionality that are packed into this software are truly stunning. Sometimes I’ll load it up and spend an hour or more just checking things out. Never ceases to amaze me.

Please disregard;found it!

Thank you! There is so much in this app and it takes time to find all the great features. I’ve come to use little navmap as a constant companion on flights and found the bright background distracting too. Much better in night mode!

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Wow, incredibly timely resurrection as I was just searching for this last night to no avail. LNM really is an amazing app!