Little navigation contest - Starting from LFAC

I will give you a start airport: LFAC and distances and directions, you shall answer post a picture of your landing and send me a private message with your reached destination. I shall then answer you if you was right.

All waypoints are (small or not so small) airports, the total flight at 110Kt is about 1:11

  • 066° 37nm
  • 149° 26nm
  • 196° 16nm
  • 067° 57nm

Would be better for small aircraft, without auto-pilot.

You can post your timings too with the aircraft you used, that may help the next one :wink:
Bonus point for those which makes a landing at each airfields / airports.

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Eindhoven airport isn’t even in the game right?:sweat_smile:

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Thanks @omarliew, I didn’t check the airfields inside the Sim. Corrected the start point the end point is the same and now all waypoints are in the Sim as airfields or airports :wink:

Will do better next time and check directly.

For info: MIL airfields seems all missing currently.