Little Navmap 2.6.17 stable version released (update 16)

I have an issue where whenever I enable dark/night mode the map gets very dim and hard to see. The rest of the ui is fine just the map gets really dim. Anyone else have this issue?

Do you have night shadow on (for the map)?

Thanks for pointing this out, didn’t know that. Having such an error in msfs2020 is not too bad, but I wouldn’t want to have such an error in real life. Do you know if EHVB is still active? It is in msfs2020, but not in the navigraph database.

On current Jepp charts there is restricted area surrounding the airport, but it does not show any runways, so perhaps while the facility is still an active military base, they might not be doing any flying from there any longer?

Actually it is a former navy airbase (they used to operator Orion patrol aircraft from there). It is used for GA still afaik. The strange thing is that EHTW is completely absent in MSFS2020, this is a former airforce base that also doubled as a small civil airport. As military activity there has seized, but there is still limited civil activity. The airport is present in the Navigraph database. It seems that the MSFS2020/Navblue data is outdated.

New patch broke approach loading for saved plans MSFS won’t even load an approach saved within MSFS with their plans. I created a voting thread to lobby for fixes and changes.

Anyone who would like to see the flightplanning fixed can vote for exposure. Also send zendesk reports for the approach not loading from saved plans.


Is there any way to not have duplicate airspace info while using Navigraph? Things get a bit cluttered when trying to figure out airspace.

I think you can turn of the MSFS own database (> Scenery Library). But then you have no FS database at all. Navigraph only.

Chosse only one source from View -> Airspace Source.
There are also filter options in the View menu and toolbar that can limit the display by altitude.

Doh! Not sure how I missed that one, thanks so much. And thanks so much for your wonderful piece of software, really a total game-changer.

@albar965 I can’t thank you enough for this amazing app. I use it in every flight and recommend it every time to my viewers.

The only thing left that this app doesn’t have for what I need are the Navigraph charts. If Little Navmap can load charts from Navigraph as an option when viewing an airport/procedure, that would be the best and I wouldn’t need any other app when flying.

I believe technically there should be a way to do this, as I remember the Avitab plugin in XP11 is able to log in to Navigraph and use its API to extract charts given the user has an existing subscription.

Do you think this idea would fit somewhere in your plans for the future?


Doesn’t it pull the data already from Navigraph, if you have a subscription for the AIRAC cycle updates? When you sync the data to LNM with the Navigraph manager app.

I mean it doesn’t get you the actual charts but essentially the data from charts (altitudes, speed etc) are there displayed in LNM?

Unlikely. That’s what the map display an profile is good for. And these will evolve.

LNM does not get the charts or new navdata for you. But you can update the LNM database with the FMS Data Manager (close LNM before doing this).

Charts are not really needed since LNM already displays procedures with all restrictions on the map and in the profile.

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I see. Thanks for the reply.

Most of the speed and alt restrictions are indeed in LNM already, so for those the charts are mostly for more immersion (I do love studying those).

What else do I use charts for that’s not available in LNM? Let me think… I guess the respective minimums, and at least for fs2020, the accurate airport diagrams (especially taxiways) can only be shown on the charts atm. Also since fs2020 oftentimes borks the approach, I often have to resort to managing my descent manually via VS. For this the charts help a lot with those speed/vs requirement for the glide path.

Thanks again for all the work you do. Looking forward to what you have in store for us.

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Yes me too, and I occasionally google the charts just out of curiosity. But I can use purely LNM to fly successfully from start to end. Well that and the FMS Data manager to download the latest AIRAC.

I’m always curious (and never remember to ask) if those restrictions are extracted from Navigraph?

Minimums would be cool but, apart from the many variables, I don’t think MDA/DH are part of the data, correct?

Absolutely. All procedures (including all restrictions), airways, airspaces, navaids and more are extracted from Navigraph data.

Not part of the data. Have to check and ask if this can be extended.

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Any time frame on when we can be solely reliant on MSFS’s default Airbus/Navblue data for everything and not Navigraph? I see the developer of LNM has made incredible progress regarding this and approaches can now be read by LNM, but not SID, STAR etc. Was wondering if any progress is being made in this regard.


As far as I know the beta reads all procedures from the MSFS data.
Make sure to disable the navigraph data entirely in the menu.

You can see that it uses MSFS data when you realize that LFPG has no departure procedures/SIDs :roll_eyes:

Thank you for the great tool!

Sorry, if this is a stupid question, but how can I enable the drop down menu?

All I have is the toolbar with the many symbols, but I would like to have the classic menu on top, like in the screenshots. Cant find any option to enable it. Thanks!