Little Navmap 2.6.17 stable version released (update 16)

The addon still works, you just have to resize the window when it first loads to get the image to load.

It only works in 2D, not VR and the icon is blank.

Yes the icon is blank but that doesn’t stop it working - I’ll take your word about VR as I don’t run it - hopefully someone can pick it up and get it working fully with the new updates…

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Hi Alex,

I found that with the new Navigraph cycle 2109 for MSFS now a lot of VORs are displayed with an incorrect range, which makes pure VOR-VOR planning extremely difficult. Navigraph has updated VOR ranges to their ‘real world’ values (so far I experienced mostly reductions), but only in the MSFS data. Richard in the Navigraph forum noted that now we have to disable Navigraph data in LNM so that it pulls in the (Navigraph) data from MSFS, but the problem is that LNM still seems to just read the stock MSFS BGL files, so the VOR range info is now completely wrong. You can find details about the issue here: VOR ranges severely reduced in AIRAC 2109? - #9 by NAVData - General - Navigraph . Is it possible to fix this in LNM?

There’s also a secondary issue with switching off Navigraph data - all procedures are getting duplicated in LNM (screenshot also in that thread).


Hi Dirk,

this chapter still applies:

LNM cannot use the many replacement options for Navdata in MSFS yet and this is unlikely to be fixed soon, if at all.

Some information is always lost when channeling Navdata through MSFS BGL into LNM. Always update the LNM data too and ignore the navdata update in the sim. This is for the sim and not for LNM. There is a reason why LNM gets its own navdata update from Navigraph.

Update the LNM database with the FMS Data Manager, select Use Navigraph for Navaids and Procedures and the issues should be gone.

Let me know if this helps.



Hi Alex,

thanks for the quick response!

Yes that’s exactly what I have always been doing, but beginning with Navigraph cycle 2109 (and going forward) this will not work any more. Based on Richard’s comments Navigraph now publishes different data for MSFS vs. other tools like LNM, which causes the VOR range information to become very inaccurate. Not sure if Navigraph overestimated what you are able to extract from the MSFS BGL files, maybe a direct communication with them (even just a reply in the thread over at the Navigraph forum) may be helpful…


Hallo Dirk,

Just did spot checks also using the VOR you mentioned for a LNM little_navmap_navigraph.sqlite 2101 and the 2109 database and they are the same. No obvious changes there.

The LNM data compilers reads the range directly as NM from the source data (DFD). No calculation is done there.

The linked thread seems to be solved. Anything I can add there?


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Does anyone know if there is a way to display the map window full screen? I can extract the window so it is separate but if I try to resize it to fill screen by double clicking the title bar, it re docks back into the window layout. I can drag it to be almost full screen, but sometime windows gets too smart and thinks I want it full screen which just forces the re dock again.

I’m probably missing something very obvious.


Shift+F11 seems to maximise it, removing all panes except flight planning on the left, but you can close it with the little ‘x’. Tapping Shift+F11 brings it back to normal view, and it seems to remember the full screen setting, with flight planning off maximised, and all panes present when normal.

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Cool thanks, will try that later - hopefully with the hotfix

Hi Alex,

Hmm… But they definitely changed VOR data, and it causes issues, here’s a recap for one of the VORs I mentioned (but applies to all three, other reductions are 130nm → 80nm and 130nm → 100nm):

VOR LBU (Luburg):

Before Cycle 2109:

  • with Navigraph data ON in LNM, the VOR info in LNM displays max range 130nm
  • in the Sim, the VOR is indeed received beginning at 130nm

With Cycle 2109:

  • with Navigraph data ON in LNM, the VOR info still displays max range 130nm
  • with Navigraph data OFF in LNM, the info displays max range 195nm
  • in the Sim, the VOR is now only received within 60nm (that’s the real world range that got adjusted by Navigraph just for MSFS)

Richard’s explanation was that LNM, when Navigraph is turned off in LNM, is still reading the VOR info from the stock MSFS BGL file instead of the MSFS-Navigraph BGL file, he pointed out:

If the MSFS-Navigraph BGL file does indeed contain the actual range (60nm), wouldn’t it be a just a matter of reading the Navigraph files instead of the stock ones to correct this?

Yeah they are always very quick to mark threads as solved. It may be solved from Navigraph’s perspective, but the issue still remains, right now there is no meaningful VOR-VOR planning with Navigraph together with LNM possible due to the significant differences in range info and actual reception in the Sim. If Richard’s assumption is wrong then it would be great if you could add a comment in there before the thread gets closed (they do this only after 2 days :no_mouth:)

Thanks Alex!


Still looking forward to the day we can

(1) See MSFS MP Traffic in LNM
(2) See Vatsim Plane labels in MSFS
(3) and of course, continue to see them without a CTD


Does anyone know, why the simulator does no longer care, which end of airstrip you choose on Littlenavmap for the starting point of your flightplan? This has been problem for me since SU5.

Hi @albar965

I don’t recall when this started happening, possibly after SU5, but when I load an IFR plan but usually no SID or Approach, the sim’s FP populates it. I have to load the exported plan 2x to get Direc/Automatic to show up in Destination. Is this something that can be addressed on your end or is it the sim FP? Thanks!

Hi, is Littel navmap also available in the marketplace for xbox s/x ?

LNM is an external app that runs outside of the flight sim so I don’t think it’ll ever be on the marketplace. Plus it uses simconnect to communicate with the simulator and I don’t think that’s implemented on the consoles.

Just as a follow up, beginning with cycle 2110 they will now include the modified VOR ranges in the LNM-specific Navigraph FMS data as well, so all is good again.



Hello, how can find taxiway whithout graphic map search?

You cannot do this right now but I added this to the todo list.

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