Little Navmap 2.6.17 stable version released (update 16)

You cannot even disable it. Main menu is always there. Even in fullscreen.

Try to delete or rename the ABarthel folder here C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ABarthel to reset all settings. Just in case something was messed up.


That fixed it, thank you! (Windows 10)

Anyone know how to stop the map from auto zooming out?

I zoom into the level of detail I want and then after about 30 seconds it zooms back out to a map of the whole of the UK.

I’m sure I saw an option in the previous version but I can’t see it in this 2.6.1 version?

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This works for me, go to: Tools menu => Options => Simulator Aircraft => Map Movement. I have both checkboxes unchecked there. I also have the “allow scrolling …” checkbox in the “while flying” section unchecked.

One remark though, I did have to restart LNM for this to work.

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Many thanks, that did the trick :slight_smile: :+1:t2:

Is there a way to plan trips with multiple legs or is it best to just make separate flight plans for each destination?

Not really. You can add airports as intermediate destinations but the elevation profile will consider this as one trip. Better create separate plans.

If I’m flying with ivao then how can I set up registration, callsign and tail number correctly so that I don’t see myself twice in a little navmap? In Ivao, for example, callsign: EZY644 but in little nvamap the tail number, a double I see. How to set it correctly?

That depends on the tool (IvAp?) you use to inject the traffic into the sim. LNM will remove all duplicates (not only user) if a callsign (from whazzup shown in Online Clients) and registration (from simulator shown on progress tab) match.

want to give this a try for MSFS!
Had a few questions:
1)Already have an old version of old nav maps installed (from years ago and used for XP11)-if i want to install this latest version for MSFS assume I am best to uninstall the old version first - what is best way to do this? seem to have a C:littlenavmaps folder and also have a c:users/appdata/roaming/Abarthel folder that I think are related - should I just completely manually delete these 2 folders then paste the un zipped beta install folder into the now empty C:littlenavmap folder? then run the .exe file to “install”?
2)once installed assume I have to configure little nav map to see my MSFS folder how do I do this? and will i need simconnect? (note I use littlenavmaps mainly as my moving map)…
any help appreciated

Hi @albar965

I was wondering if it is possible to auto-rename the waypoint idents in position order?

For example, after I have created a detailed flight plan the waypoint idents are often shown like:


Which means I have to go through and manually rename each ident manually to:


Which can take a long time to change for longer flight plans.


This is already on the list of todos but I have to check if I can introduce it with the 2.6 release. Maybe later.

There is no need to uninstall the old version. Simply extract the new one to a new folder. Add the version number, for example: Little Navmap 2.6.

Do not merge the folders between old and new version.

Create a backup of the ABarthel folder since this contains all settings and databases for all versions. Just in case if you want to go back. No need to delete anything. LNM will adapt all settings on its own.

The exe file does not install anything. It’s simply running the program. It is the program, actually.

LNM finds MSFS automatically. Run the load scenery library dialog (press Ctrl+Shift+C), select MSFS and load. Report a bug here if LNM does not detect your MSFS installation.

No. LNM comes with a SimConnect version that is compatible with FSX, P3D and MSFS.


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thanks got it up and running.
just wondering what’s the best way to use it - currently just have 1 wide screen 4k monitor (so finding i need to ctrl+alt+delete to bring it up) so I cant run the sim in full screen when viewing it - is it better or even possible to run it on an ipad or 2nd monitor?

Been using Navigraph Data with this and FS2020,

Makes flight planning so much better when the data is synced together.

Is there a way to change the zoom level when you double click on an airport in the flight plan? I would prefer it to be zoomed in enough so I see taxiways, runway headings, etc.

Nothing major, but will definitely reduce the number of clicks needed which can be especially useful when in the middle of a flight.

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Can LittleNavMap be used standalone without a simulator to learn flight planning and aviation charts? i.e. - is data required from a simulator or is everything for flight planning in the app.

Little Navmap Can this map be used directly in the game instead of switching back.Just like VFR MAP?

It comes with a default Navigraph database, so you can use that. Airport charts are not included. Although, you could see the LNM map as a chart, I guess.

There is this mod here that shows the map in game.

Make sure you have LNM running it’s webserver.

Options dialog page Map Navigation