Little Navmap 3.0.6 stable version released (update 29)


The wait is over! :smiley:

edit. Hah! We posted at the same time. Great to see you here and congrats on the release, looking forward to testing it.

How good is Littlenavmap really? I have been looking for something to replace all the Navigraph/navair/chartfoxes out there where I can easily grab airport info…


Thank you! Good work! :+1:

One question: Can I have both installed V2.4.5 and V2.6.0.beta at the same time? I would like to try the beta but not loose the current one.

Can I pick another folder other than my OS Documents for the Littlenavmap files? This will probably get very large over time and I’m limited on space on my OS drive.

I don’t get an option to choose a different location other than C:\Users\etc when I first run LNM


Simple solution: Create a copy of the ABarthel folder: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ABarthel. This contains all databases and settings. LNM does not store anything in its installation folder.

Better solution: Create a Windows link file and add the following startup parameter
-s ABarthel-Beta

The whole target might look like:
"C:\Projekte\deploy\Little Navmap-2.6\littlenavmap.exe" -s ABarthel-Beta

This will create a new folder ABarthel-Beta in Roaming where all settings are saved.

See screenshot where I created a link for the old LNM 2.4.5:

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Do I need to have Little Navmap Files in my C:\Users\xyz\Documents? Can I pick a different location?

Thank you for the tip. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Alex, Thanks for the update! I’m getting this error when trying to build my database.

You’re free to put the files wherever you want. LNM simply asks to create a recommended structure.

I get similar reports on other forums. This might be related to an add-on. Try to exclude the Community folder in options → Scenery library database.

Hi Alex, thank you so much for the update, this now works perfectly for me. :smiley:

I’ve been trying to pop out the map but it looks like I can’t do that anymore? I can see the maximise map button but if I click that it takes over my 3 screens because I’m using spanning mode.

FYI, I didn’t get any database error, it installed without issue for me.

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I have to see what I can do about screens in spanning mode.
You can enable the pop out map again in: Options → Map → Allow to undock map
I disabled this per default because it makes the dock windows tricky to arrange.

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For all who get this error: I’ts most likely caused by an add-on.
Exclude the Community folder in Options → Scenery library database from loading.
Will fix for next version.

We can now see correct taxiways! :+1:t2:

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Yep, it was a freeware scenery. I was able to track down the specific one that was causing me problems. It was P19 Stellar Airpark by JustOkayPilot on Nexus Mods.
It now builds with all other addons.

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Notes say to update Little Navconnect. Will Little Navconnect continue to work with the prior version if I make separate copies of MSFS and 2.4.5 versions?

Top. Thank you very much.

Hello, Alex,
thank you very much for the update.
Many greetings

Very good! Will check this out.

Same version is compatible with same version for now. You can start either navconnect on the same computer (not running parallel of course) since it does not modify its settings.

For LNM see post above. LNM 2.6 has to modify/erase some settings it finds from the older version. Therefore it is better to not run 2.4.5 after running 2.6.
It won’t crash but the window layout may be restore and more.