Little Navmap 3.0.6 stable version released (update 29)

General question: Would this be used instead of something like ForeFlight? Usually if I have ForeFlight connected, the airport diagram loads upon “landing”. I am not sure if I would need both so reaching out for advice.

Thank you Alex for continuing your stellar work. Can you confirm that this version like the previous, does not enable one to see other players connected to MFS multiplayer?

Thank you.

No it does not, sorry. I’m missing information in the SDK which currently allows to fetch only AI.

Understood. Hopefully some day… Thanks again!

Thanks for the update Alex. Where’d you get that Turbo Commander from?! :wink:

LOL. I still had the X-Plane Commander performance file loaded. I wish somebody would make one of these old crates for MSFS.

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This looks amazing! As my MSFS2020 is working beautifully, is there a chance that installing Little Navmap could cause MSFS to stop working?

It was already working for me…what are the improvements?do I need to update?

I installed this yesterday for P3D and X-Plane, thinking how nice it would be to have this in FS2020. And then, all of a sudden, you release a beta that allows FS2020 functionality including a flight plan export.

Definitely an essential program!

-Can now look up ILS frequencies!
-Can look up taxiways without having to dig out charts!
-Can plan my flights better!


Not at all, absolutely stable.


I wish there was a way to connect to bing maps or google earth through little navmap. Is that something that is possible if I set it up personally. For example I see open street maps as an option. Is there a way to edit a config file that will allow me to use bing servers instead of open street maps?

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You actually can:

Google Maps, US VFR/IFR, etc. Bing is not possible though, more details in the link.


Huge thanks for this! Little Navmap has been an invaluable tool for my flight planning, and now with full FS2020 implementation it’s now possible to follow the built-in ATC’s taxi instructions easily.


how do you install this?

Thank you!

Simply extract the Zip to any folder. No installation required.

The last stable version 2.4.5 was not built for MSFS. We were just lucky that Asobo did not change the SimConnect interface.

If you want to see MSFS airports as they are in the simulator. :slight_smile: Yes. Upgrade.

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Nice work! Thank you so much! :+1:t2: :kissing_heart:

I’ve just noticed that at the moment the departure runway number can’t be assigned to the flight plan.
As explained in this thread: the feature will hopefully be added in the future.

In the meantime, If you need to specify the departure runway you can do so by manually adding the following string with the desired runway number in the centre of the string to the .pln file.

Here I’ve specified runway 16.


The string needs to be entered in the first ATCWaypoint section, under the WorldPosition line.

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Is a great tool, UI is a bit old fashion if you compare it with SimToolKitPro but functionality is excepcional.

It consumes Navigraph data, it does not replaces it as it does not provide you with charts.

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