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Hi guys

I’ve started have a go with some flight planning on Little NavMap prior to Tuesday, using the helpful how to video on the Student Pilot pages. :grinning:

However, I can’t select departure or arrival airports. They are greyed out when I right click. And nothing happens when I toggle the various airport types on and off from the menu bar.

Does anyone have any ideas what the issue is?

Thanks - and apologies if its something really basic that I’m missing.

Have you downloaded the simulator scenery files into LNM? Sounds like LNM is not seeing the airport files.
Away from home at moment but as I recall click on Scenery in the top bar and I think it’s the first item. Right click to get the help file.

Oh this makes sense. I dont have the PC version of MSFS, so LNM isn’t connected to it. So I can’t load the scenery library…doh.

Does this mean I can’t fully use LNM?

I’m looking for a bit of software to have a look at some routes I’d like to plan etc.

I am wondering how we will be flight planning on the xbox as we won’t have the ability to upload flight plans will we?


As far as I am aware there is no other version of MSFS2020 than for PC at the moment so what are you actually trying to use LNM with?
I’m sure it works with both MS Store and Steam versions - read the help files.
The sim is not yet available for X- Box but I expect will support LNM once it is released.

I think there will be many things like this with Xbox version.
Addons will only be avilable through MS Marketplace and not for free.
MS will choose wich ones they want and the price.
The King’s choice…
We’ll have many many future complaints.
But it’s still time to change your mind and buy a PC version wich will give you full access at all addons. And if you buy it from MS Store you’ll have the Xbox version for free also .

Yup. While I’m sure many casual fliers will be happy with it as-is, there are going to a lot of sorely disappointed folks who banked on Xbox being their saviour, only to discover they’re stuck with what comes in the sim and nothing else. You don’t realize how much external tools, mods, etc are useful until you don’t have access to them.


Thanks for the replies. As a newbie, I’m looking forward to having a crack at the xbox version to get a taste for the sim. I’m aware alot of the third party add-ons won’t be available, that’s fine for now!

I think he doesnt have MSFS but he wanted to prepare futures flight plans.

A question came to my mind:
If you buy MS Store PC version you also have the Xbox version for the same price,
but what if you buy the Xbox version ?
Do you also have the PC one for free ?

As long as it isn’t bought from Steam, you get get both Xbox and PC versions regardless which you buy first. With Steam, you only get the PC version.

So when Xbox users will discover the lack of addons, they will only need to buy a new PC.
With Windows.
One more OS on market.
Clever, very clever…
But surely only my tortured brain can imagine this sort of things.
:worried: :wink:

Xbox version is aimed to gamers and casual fliers, not serious flight sim enthusiasts. When Microsobo say it’s “the same” as on PC, all they mean is the core, vanilla experience that can be enhanced by content from the marketplace. In that sense, the experience is indeed identical. But it’s a very basic, vanilla experience.

Flight sim enthusiasts like using their external tools and add-ons, building cockpits with commercially available hardware or DIY stuff. None of that will be possible on Xbox.

Dont take care of my bad thoughts, I was in joke mode :wink:

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