Little NavMap

Download LNM Aviattor6639, install it, and run it. You also need the program SimConnect-FSX_SP2. Download and install it as it is required so MSFS & LNM can talk to each other.
Be advised that if this is your first ever install of LNM you may not see airport detail as it has no data available at this time to look for. But as you can see from the above post from albar965 he is working on it. You can use your time waiting to familiarize yourself with LNM’s many, many functions, it will be well worth your time.

A very extensive manual and tutorials are available within the Help tab of the program.
Since it is in the early stages with MSFS, patience will be a virtue.

Thanks a million, WiredHornet7888
But can I open the app / map / inside the simulator ?
Like I do with the " V " for the VRF map ??

Make sure under the Tools tab Flight Simulator Connection that you have Fetch AI or Multiplayer aircraft and Fetch AI or multiplayer Ships unchecked. If checked a TON of AI will appear and the computer can’t keep up, or at least it does not on mine, fps dropped like a rock.

Well not that I know of unless the developer has plans for that. I open it just normally and set it on a 2nd monitor if you have one. Its FPS friendly. 2nd monitor makes it much more effective in watching what’s going on. If you want to attach the second monitor to your integrated video (out of mother board) it works just fine and save a port out of your GPU.

I don’t have a second monitor, I’d like too, but I have no more space on my desk, I already have a TV Samsung 4k, 55 inches as a PC monitor
What about a tablet ? I have a Samsung, 10,5 inches ( Android ) and an IPad 12,8 inches
Thank you

You are out of luck there, its Windows only (at this point in time anyway)

According to the description (Google is your friend): is a free open source flight planner, navigation tool, moving map, airport search and airport information system for Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D and X-Plane and is available for Windows, Apple macOS and Linux . unquote
Better check with Alex (Albar965) the developer about tablets possibility.


Thanks for your excellent response about downloading LNM. In my case, found the solution about my zero FPS drop. On Little Navmap unchecked Fetch AI or multiplayer aircraft and Fetch AI or multiplayer ships and my FPS is back to normal now, about 65 fps.
Thanks for your help,

Thank you
I never used a second monitor, does it affect the performance, a lot ?
I would get a small one, 14-15 inches, touch screen
Would you recommend this option ??

Hello WiredHornet7888,
Yeah, you are absolutely correct. Tried your suggestion and my FPS are back to normal.
Could not figured out why my FPS dropped to ZERO ! !
Thanks for your tip,

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Sorry for the delayed response, am in the USA and usually shut down around 8 pm cst.
Anyway, I think a small monitor would serve you well. Probably was a minor fps drop ( 1 or 2?) when I ran mine, but it was so negligible I did not concern myself with it. LNM is one fine piece of free software and a donation to the developer is on the agenda for me.

Thank you
1080p should be ok, for 13 - 14 inches, right?
What else can you have on the second display, besides the map?

Hi, can I always keep the map of LNM in the foreground? So also when I play MSFS in full screen mode? I haven’t found a setting for this in LNM yet.

If that doesn’t work, is there another program or maybe already a plugin that shows me Open Street Map with my position in MSFS?

1080p will work fine. Regarding question #2…Well MSFS will allow you to drag your ATC, Weather, VFR map, over to 2nd monitor. Of course that could get pretty busy on a 14" screen :slightly_smiling_face:
Now you have to shop for a bigger desk!!

Interesting question…I assume your speaking of using just one monitor? I have not tried this yet (no need here with 4 monitors).
Could you resize LNM (with corner drag) to an acceptable size to be presented in the foreground? I guess if you had a big enough monitor.

Instead of using a second monitor you could instead use a tablet and connect to the “web-server” of LNM. This will allow you to see a moving map, the flight plan etc. If this is sufficient (and if you should already own a tablet) this might work well for you. It does for me at least

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I have two monitors, but during the game I also have less FPS when I use both monitors

I’ll have a look around for a solution…

LNM does not keep you from using a scener library with another simulator. You can use XP11 scenery with a FSX/P3D/MSFS simulator. No problem.
If you have no database like your friend: You can give him your XP database. Files and locations are explained in the LNM manual.
Or he/she should go to LNM menu -> "scenery library " -> “Navigraph” and select “Use Navigraph for all features”. This will give show airports.

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More: LNM does not run inside MSFS or any other simulator. You either have to use a second monitor, a tablet and the webserver or dig out an old notebook and run LNM remotely. See here at Avsim about remote setups.

I think, Android or iOS doesn’t work
But I’m not sure