Live AI - Are there any places in the world, where it works correctly?

Love the idea of having live traffic all over the world. But is it working ?

There are days, the traffic doesn t even appear in the SIM. And there are days with Live traffic, but very low numbers, never ever the traffic is live.

For example: Today my flight was Amsterdam to Orlando. So both are big airports, multiple Runways and in real live with many traffic in one hour. And in the SIM ? Nothing happend…

At the Gate I see many aircrafts parked, but they are static. After about 20 minutes I started to taxi to RWY 27 in EHAM. No traffic at all, in the morning. After take off there was ONE simple Qatari Traffic approach EHAM in the ATC chatter in one hour flighttime. That was all.

In approach to KMCO there was one Delta also approaching the airport. One aircraft in one hour.

So am I doing something wrong ? Is there an hidden option to increase the live traffic ? This is not correctly working, or ?

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My experience is that it is hit and miss. I’ve reliably seen a lot of live traffic around KORD, EHAM, and in the Persian Gulf between Kuwait and Qatar.

The problem is cloud. Any feature that is relying on optional stream data from somewhere across the world is going to be hit and miss, especially if it’s not immediately obvious that data is missing.

I’m not dismissing there is/may be an issue with live traffic… but is this perhaps more representative of actual real air traffic levels at the moment? More so passenger aircraft due to the ongoing pandemic and the impact is it having on air travel. :thinking:


In the sim density live density can be modified so I understand , please correct if that’s wrong…new to all this

No the traffic in the Sim is much less than due to the pandemic. In Orlando there is not one plane in one hour at daytime…

Same with offline traffic at airports.

Sometimes it is there, sometimes not.

Once you get into the air however, there are so many AI you can’t get through to ATC (which is also pretty poor to be honest).

Have you tried with multiplayer totally disabled and maybe even going to the extreme of restarting your pc/sim entirely after doing so?
I ask because if I recall from one of the earlier dev videos that only the first 50(?) or so aircraft closest to you would actually be visible. Just wondering if the issue is somehow linked to this and that multiplayer aircraft may being given priority over AI. :thinking:

My Multiplayer is disabled yet. It is a big Framerate Killer in my machine. So I disabled this function, but no live traffic at all… Or only very few ones…

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The best airport i have experience live traffic at is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (KSEA), but big airports in Europe is almost dead for me.

Always have plenty of live traffic around London Heathrow. Often get jet traffic overtaking me on the ILS in the Cessna 172!

So this is interesting: Is it depending of the airports ? For sure are bigger ones with more traffic, but there are also ones without any traffic. For example Frankfurt or Düsseldorf…many times no traffic is departing or landing. Sometimes a plane is landing but dissapear directly after landing on the Runway…

Why the heck is AI Traffic such a problem ? It was better in FSX. It wasn t live, but it worked and the traffic was better !

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I’ve seen them listed on my map a few times, and I heard a Qatar Airways plane talk to Johannesburg airport once. I’ve never actually seen the planes though. Although IRL there is not a lot of air traffic around me. I didn’t notice at first just how few jets are around until I got MSFS and paid conscious attention to it. I kinda miss seeing them now.

Sometimes the AI flies right through you during the ILS approach or don’t vacate the runway after landing. I keep them active for the immersion but i ignore their presence, no go around for me baby.

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Who knows? Asobo doesn’t seem to, which has been a constant irritation.

I’ve done a fair bit of testing of life traffic (as distinct from AI traffic, which the title of this thread is confusing I think). Here’s a link (albeit I did this a little while ago). TLDR: it works, just not how you might expect.

This is strange! I have reduced the number of static planes from 70 percent to 30 percent. And now more live traffic is there! Is that true? Someone else with this behavior? Reducing static planes results in more live traffic… For me…

I will try this. There is a limit of aircraft that are supposed to be within your bubble - 50 within 200Nm i think. I wonder if this is including ground aircraft.

There sure is!

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