Live Aircraft.....Can we hide distant aircraft?

When including Live traffic with the nametag, what sort of radius out does this include? I’d like to use this feature but in busier airspace areas, it is just a large jumble of tags and descriptors that isn’t very pleasant. Can you set how close an aircraft must be before it will display?

When displaying live real-time traffic the sim will constantly show you the closest 50 aircraft. I’m not aware of any controls to change this number or use a distance filter.

I really hope this can be changed. large airports like LAX and ATL have way more then 50 gates alone. landing in a busy LAX or ATL full of ai traffic was possible in fsx/p3d, and I really hope it can be possible in this sim

The sim will evolve and improve. Many of the graphic glitches will be handled on the server side and will happen transparently. Everything should improve over time. Be patient…it will all come together eventually.