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I havent taken much notice of the Live Traffic Activity as it never has seemed to work. However, just clicked it and a whole list of live flights came up and i didnt know that if you click a flight it can generate a flight plan for you and you can fly the same route. I’m just surprised that i have been playing MSFS for around 8 months on xbox s and have never come accross this before. Learning every day.


Right @thelostsoul6860, very interesting, I had a look into this
At first I’ve selected EGLC London City in the World Map and clicked on Live Airport Activity

then it displayed this DEPARTURES and ARRIVALS time table and I clicked on the first entry :

it then required a confirmation to create the related Flight Plan for me :

and gave this after I selected “IFR (Low-altitude airways)” from the drop-down list on the left :


Makes it so much easier and life like doesnt it? I know its probably not new but just came accross it.

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Its great that it gives you the flight time right away too so you can plan a flight accordingly to your own time that you want to spend flying.

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There’s an achievement called Job Shadowing for flying a flight plan (probably unassisted) based on a live traffic flight as well. At least on steam.

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