Live airport activity very wrong jbu1436 departure

UPDATE:All is running fine the chart time is running on zulu time not local

Well, if they can’t get live weather to work you think they can get live traffic to work?

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I feel like I’m missing something here, because it looks like it’s just displaying the flight times in Zulu.

He’s saying the live traffic is not accurately reflecting what flight tracking services are saying. Live weather is not functioning properly, so live traffic is probably not as well.

I just notice something i just check another flight near kmco and on the live airport activity chart the info is incorrect but on the map that shows the green plane it was there in time just 5min delay so the problem that osobo needs to look is on the actual chart and times

I know what he’s saying, but I’m not noticing the error. Like I said, it looks like it’s in Zulu. There’s a 15 minute margin of error according to the screenshot, which isn’t surprising at all - I doubt they’re querying every flight every minute. Wouldn’t call that a problem.


Live traffic, like the plugin in Xplane is using the same information that Flightaware uses. That means that the information is delayed, but also dependent on whether the aircraft has it’s transponder on. In Xplane this creates a lot of eratic behaviour, such as planes taxiing backwards or across grass, or taking off and flying at 1000 feet. You’ll notice sometimes in MSFS that Live traffic when on, will result in ATC calling out that planes aren’t at the right altitude alot, this is probably because of a delay in what the flight tracking service is reporting. Live traffic is a neat feature, but poorly implemented here. It’s also reported that using it is causing massive stutters.

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UPDATE :::U are absolutely right on that thank u for that is all fine the chart time is on zulu time

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