Live and AI Offline traffic still broken. What's your opinion?

I have just spent 1 hr at EGSS, the London hub for Ryanair. A very busy, 24 hour airport in London.

The Live airport Information screen in the flight setup displays lots of arrivals and departures…but there are no planes on the ground.

One arrival in an hour, a few flying around…and of course, NONE taking off.

And the aircraft lights are still broken once they land.

I think it is fair to say that Microsobo have no interest at all in aircraft traffic and, as Offline AI is also broken, even if a third party makes a traffic plugin, it probably wouldn’t work because of the failure of injecting traffic into the sim…or game…or whatever you want to call it.

In short, they broke an already broken traffic system, left us with nothing for 3 days and then replaced the still broken, broken traffic system.

Really, what exactly is the point of this ‘simulator’ if it cannot simulate air traffic? Something that is essential to a real airline experience. Sure, visually FS2020 is superb but that appears to be all that it is; a scenery simulator.

Unless of course you just want to go sight-seeing…which is fine and something that many enjoy but most definitely does not make this a ‘sim for simmers’ as promised by Jorg N, the head of MSFS.

Jorg said at the end of this weeks Dev Q&A that he did not anticipate much further work on AI Traffic.

Is Traffic important? I think it is; what about you?


it absolutely is. what are the big airports for if they are empty? no immersion. it needs to be adressed. the injectin of the traffic, the ground handling, the routing. the landing and taxiing on the runway. the take off… it is so broken it kills the immersion. a hole SimUpdate only for Ai Traffic would be awesome.


I did not know but if it is really so it is a shameful thing.
I spent months trying to make the little that AI Traffic was able to do work at its best and all in all I had achieved some good results.
Then came SU5 who broke everything, “patience” I said to myself thinking that with SU6 they would put things back in place.
But it wasn’t like that and to hear that they don’t plan to work hard on it is truly distressing!
I am really passing the desire to turn on the SIM lately and if the development continues like this I think I will abandon it completely!
AI traffic is a FUNDAMENTAL thing for a SIM, in the absence of it one can use Google Earth without spending a cent!

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just use the ai offline it is pretty good.

Topic Author is seeing traffic and lights in this thread.

Only just, the best AI traffic of any sim was in FU2, everything from GA flying in patterns up to airliners including the Concord, major airports could get busy at times.

Per my post earlier in this discussion, Topic Author is seeing Live Traffic and Lights in the other thread. Closing this post as it’s a duplicate.