Live from Downtown Denver: What the ...?

I just barely survived a 30 second walk to take out the trash. KDEN is cloudy up to 500’, and then blue skies.

Here’s downtown live:

KDEN Live:

View of downtown from 1500’ AGL:

Is my sim broken, or is like weather really this bad?!

I just flew from Cheyenne down to Denver. I got the same experience, with visibility extending 10+ miles above 1000 ft. On final into KDEN, there were pockets of near zero visibility, but still about 50-60% clear skies below 1000

lol i literally was about to fly outta KDEN just now when the weather cleared up

Looking South from Concourse B

I live about an hour NW of KDEN and it’s still pretty nasty IRL right now

Just admiring the virtual blizzard and suddenly the weather clears and i start hearing “Mr. Blue Sky” in my head…

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And yet…

|Conditions at:|KDEN (DENVER (DIA) , CO, US) observed 2153 UTC 14 March 2021|

|Winds:|from the NNW (330 degrees) at 33 MPH (29 knots; 14.9 m/s)
gusting to 43 MPH (37 knots; 19.0 m/s)|
|Visibility:|0.25 miles (0.40 km)|
|Ceiling:|indefinite ceiling with vertical visibility of 400 feet AGL|
|Clouds:|obscured sky|
|Weather:|+SN BLSN (heavy snow, blowing snow)|

Did a bear attack you or something? :man_shrugging:

Okay, maybe I was being a liiiiitle dramatic, but look at that METAR, man!

not sure if you’re trolling or your legitimately missed the point…

It’s a blizzard if the gusts are sustained over 35mph for like 5 hours or longer or something

Just as the sun was setting, the weather synced. I did not have a successful takeoff…


Asobo have said live weather works perfectly fine. I am sure fellow posters will tell you that it is user error. Enjoy live weather it is great.

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care to tell me how it’s user error? All my live services are enabled

Asobo says a lot of stuff works and yet people still have issues

They way it does low visibility is by putting a cloud layer at ground level. The problem is that cloud layer moves away with the wind.

Had the same in the Springs yesterday. Wind was crazy, 50 knots on the ground but blue skies with low level clouds :roll_eyes:

That’s how I felt when I got home from work today! :rofl:

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