LIVE live traffic!

Just flew into TTPP, Piarco International on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. I have ForeFlight (realworld chart/weather app) and as I was coming in, there was a Caribbean Airlines flight approaching from the north. It matched what I was seeing in ForeFlight EXACTLY. Before this latest update traffic would be about 5 minutes behind in the sim, and they were always called “Generic” by ATC, which was a drag. This time, the Caribbean flight was literally exactly where it was in real life, and in-game ATC called out “Caribbean Airlines”.

That is LIVE traffic, my friends!!!


You probably just got lucky the data stream doesn’t get delayed… Hahaha.

I would have to agree…the data over the past few days since the update seems inconsistent as I’m getting lots of GEN’s - correct models/liveries, but not showing the manufacturer when I know it works - and was working before the patch.

It depends on how many air traffic models you have in your library. If you don’t have any of the models that the data from the live traffic use, they will always show up as GEN.

so if you have a B738 model installed with a matching ICAO livery, then the airtraffic that has B738 with a matching ICAO airline code will render the airtraffic with the right model and livery.

If you don’t have B738 model installed, then the airtraffic that has B738 designation, will appear as GEN instead because you don’t have the model for it to render. And it’ll pick a random model to use that matches the number of engines.

You misunderstand my point.

I know how the game “works” - I have about 30 different models of Ai aircraft in game currently (meaning more than 500+ liveries). I can tell you that something changed since the patch as I indicated, I’m getting the correct model and livery, but the game is still tagging it “GEN”.

It was working much better before the patch.

Yeah, got some real live traffic again today flying in the Caribbean. Love it.

ai traffic still terrible I hope they put more attention in this area in the coming updates cause this plus the bad atc system make don’t wanna fly airliners and only do vfr fly with the cessna

I’ve noticed the same thing. I’m seeing lots of traffic which matches live flights. Previously, I saw just the odd one here and there.

As for inconsistent, seems to be working better now (unlike earlier today).

How is the performance with Live traffic enabled?

Depends on how backed up things get…which tends to happen a lot!

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When it works it is amazing.

I was doing a local flight, and ATC called out the cessna that I learned to fly in. Quick check on Foreflight, and that plane was flying at that time in RL.

Other times… not seeing, or hearing any aircraft at KLAX… can ruin the moment.

Just fine. Mind you, I fly a 152 in the Caribbean and have never and will never check my FPS. But performance is great.

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