Live Marine Traffic from

Can we get a live marine traffic from

They provide sufficient details: location, vessel type, etc, that you can model and map the vessels in real time just like you do weather.

That would be an awesome element of realism to promote

Am loving MSF2020 so far. Congrats to the dev team.

It’s the little things which make the world feel more ‘alive’ that really carry the sim for me. To that end, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a bit more offshore boat traffic. Could pull live data from a place like Marine Traffic, and model some basic low poly cargo ships, tankers etc on top. This would especially bring places like Singapore, which looks so odd without ships at anchor, to life.

Wow, never realized there are so many vessels at sea at the same time. Insane. :flushed:

I think maybe a quarter of the ships would do, but I’m voting for it.

I currently have 100% Marine Traffic set in MSFS. I’ve seen 2 or 3 ships in Gibraltar, and 2 ships south of Singapore (plus one or two at places I can’t remember), on my continuous trip from Norway to the island of Java. And that includes a trip around the whole coast of the African continent.

I’m not complaining, as the scenery is insane, but wouldn’t hurt to have some more ships and leisure boats in the game.


It’s not even a complete list, it’s only the ones that have transponders or are using Satellite.

North Korea for instance is “dark”. Almost all its ships are off the grid, especially the ones doing ship-to-ship oil transfers :slight_smile:

Navy ships are largely dark as well to at least the free version of this as far as I can tell. But in port or certain lanes of traffic they show up I think.

Not tryin to be a ■■■■■■ but its actually through vhf. Its called AIS. The more you know lol. And last I knew marine traffic specificly wasnt free for the app. im sure there are other providers but the one i used crashed so i dont use it anymore.
oh yeah as far as navy ships gonits case by case basis. sometimes they have it on sometimes they dont. its always scary when a fast cutter flys by in the dark with no ais and and wont answer the radio

This is very interesting and I’d like to see it. I highly doubt we’ll see it natively in this sim but it does look hopeful for possible 3rd party devs. Providing of course that they would be able to get the rights to use the data for commercial use. Free things aren’t free for commercial use most of the time and sometimes not allowed at all, thus the agreements from 3rd parties for the airacs and weather in MSFS.

In any case, easy upvote for me. If nothing else maybe it will catch the eye of a 3rd party developer to jump on possible easy money!

Great idea! I would love to see it. And it would be awesome if all these boats/ships could get lights so you can see them at night on the sea.

omg,i have never any idea about the boats so many. SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN MSFS !

We need more votes for this!

Try Henrik’s Global Ship Traffic in the meantime. You’ll need to roll your own Manifest and Layout files, but it’s easy enough. Once you do that, drop it into your Community folder as a Mod.

This would be really cool! :slight_smile:


Flying North up the coast of Scotland earlier and the North Sea off Aberdeen without a mass of rig support vessels looks so strange. Same with the airport and no queue of rig support helicopters waiting to land, although they’d have nowhere to go as offshore platforms mostly don’t appear in the MSFS it seems.

Already a regular user of Marie Traffic so some sort of tie in would be great. Generic types of vessel would be fine.

Would be real cool if Henrik could incorporate the feed, but I think his depiction is based somewhat differently. Only he could comment of course.

Realistic levels of marine traffic would go a long way to making coastal areas feel more alive. It could always be scalable 0-100% if performance is an issue.

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Agreed! This would be awesome and add to the immersion and realism, I really miss seeing ships in a lot of areas.

Im in favor!