Live Players All Over?

I turned on “Live Players” the other day and saw three airplanes sitting on the runway, another landing, and one just flying around. It would seem that if one is trying to do a real (virtual) flight that this feature cannot be turned on as it would decrease the level of realism?


Yes, this is why stuff like Vatsim exists. So you don’t have people goofing around you and breaking the immersion. :slight_smile:

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Yes indeed. I’m not sure that the AI ATC will take the player aircraft into account when granting clearances for landing/takeoff etc., but even if they did, if players are still able to spawn on a runway, that would throw a spanner in the works.

As you say, VATsim or similar online environments, with their stricter code of conduct, would be the best way to go.

Right - this is a feature that will remain off for me most of the time!


sounds exactly like fscloud

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For the immersion you are looking for Vatsim or the likes is the only real solution I think. The Live Players function is nice for when I want to fly around and not only see the generic AI flying around.

Yesterday for example, I did an group flight with a few friends without using the ACT, just flying around and have a good time. That works for me, when I see someone goofing around, I just ignore them :slight_smile:.

When I want to do the “real” thing, Vatsim it is.

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Will VATsim and the like use the group mode, do you think? By having a special friend called VATsim, for example?

I am not sure how it actually works, but when the game was advertised I understood that “Live Players” would include only those following real world procedures, while “All Players” actually does what it says.

So for “Live Players” real world weather, real world time and ATC should be mandatory, and someone not following ATC instructions should be transfered from “Live Players” to “All Players”.

Spawning on Runway instead of parking spot or at least at Holding is truely Immersion Breaking for “Live Players” mode and should be prohibited for that mode.

I don’t think so. But you can still do that by calling your ACT and stating that you are a group flight of X planes.

vatsim is its own world.

you download the vpilot client and connect to the vatsim servers. you will see vatsim users and atc’s

(turn off any MSFS multiplayer and/or AI to prevent confusion)

Please forgive my ignorance of all things VATsim, as I have just joined and have yet to take my first flight in it.

Will MSFS need to enforce certain time of day and/or weather conditions or will the pilot be able to decide that for themselves?

msfs doesn’t have anything to do with vatsim

vatsim enforces their own rules

i have no idea if msfs is doing any kind of supervision on the msfs multiplayer servers

I honestly don’t believe MSFS will be policing this. If you are truly interested in flying with others that share your interest for realism in a multiplayer environment, as others have said, VATSIM is the way to go. Asobo actually partnered with VATSIM to ensure their client was able to launch concurrently with MSFS. I would definetely recommend checking out



I’ve already had a quick delve through the introductory stuff, but it was more about how it might work with MSFS.

I’ll have another read and see if it becomes more clear.

In terms of weather and time of day. VATSIM itself (ATC services) will go with the most realistic situation possible in most cases. Many airports follow noise abatement policies at night. Additionally, ATC will set the available runways and approaches available to the specific airports and you will be required to comply with those instructions.
As far as your client goes however, you can set the time of day and weather however you may get some quizzical responses when asking for a weather deviation when it’s totally clear IRL

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So I’ll be best to select IRL time of day and the “real weather” in MSFS

I’m just going through the VATsim resource centre now. I’ve not long since been retired, so this looks like it should provide a fair bit of much-needed mental stimulation. :slight_smile:

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just to be clear if we weren’t before…

there are different mutiplayer networks you can fly in. vatsim, ivao, pilotedge, fscloud, and the built in msfs multiplayer are all separate “worlds”. on msfs multiplayer you will only see people in msfs and apparently it is just a lawless freeforall much like fscloud or previous versions of built-in multiplayer.

networks like vatsim are much more realistic and will enforce rules (will kick/ban people who are disruptive, etc), and you will be flying with people on all different sim platforms not just msfs. pilotedge is very realistic as they actually pay their controllers (real world / retired controllers) – but you need to pay to fly there. (other atc networks are all volunteer). but the same idea is that it is its own world. while possible, it is not recommended to be connected to two or more networks at once – you will end up seeing traffic that is not actually in the world you want to interact with… so thats why you should make sure the built in multiplayer and AI traffic is OFF if you are going to fly on the more realistic networks.

also yes you should use as realistic weather as possible (time of day doesnt matter really) because winds aloft are of great concern. eg: if a controller has two people on the same airway at the same altitude, same speed 5nm in trail and the one behind has a 50kt tailwind and one in front has a 0kt wind he’s going to have a problem. if they have the same weather and therefore the same winds aloft, there is no problem, he keeps them at the same speed and everyone is happy.

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I’ve been trying to connect to the vatsim network, via vPilot, and keep getting an Invalid CID/Password message. I’m apparently not the only one and have added my name to a thread about the issue.

Has anyone on MSFS been able to connect to vatsim, since the release of MSFS? If so, do you have any idea of how i might get past this issue. I’ve been through the suggestions from the vPilot forum, without any success. It’d be nice to be able to connect, even if it was just to sit and listen to the radio comms.

Yup can connect fine using latest vpilot

It looks like a brand new account needs to be re-activated, as my account was apparently inactive.

I must have missed a step in the account creation process, somehow.

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