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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. They’ve been talking for over a year and presenting videos ad nauseum with the same results of a product that still doesn’t match.

Well, like the rest of us, you are entitled to your opinion.

I agree with this. I don’t recall seeing many threads on it. The initial traffic hot topic was lack of real time traffic. As time has gone on, I think people have realsied that real time traffic actually works and is pretty good - not perfect perhaps, but still I think we can say “it works”. Personally, I’m not sure what the attraction for AI traffic is - other than bandwidth or something. Obviously to some it is a big issue though.

Great bunch of Guys - looking forward to the future - thanks for sharing video


If I want to fly at night there may be little live traffic. If I knock the clock back, with offline AI traffic I can still enjoy the immersion of busy airports.

I really don’t think this is what he said or what came over in the broadcast. On the LOD issue he was very clear - they have not deliberately changed anything, and in their investigations they are struggling to reproduce what is being highlighted to them so they are looking for more help and examples to help pin it down. Personally I can provide them with pre/post screenshots per other threads I’ve done - although those will only confirm “no change” for me. He hinted that it may be machine specific, which, given my experience v those of others, may well be true (and just makes pinning it down all the harder).

On the lightning issue, Martial was clear that it is an issue, but not universaal. Seb said he personally hadn’t experienced it. Aagin, I;m with Seb. After I had a few clear skies/thunder/lightning flights, but only 1 that I can recall post So again, Seb was saying that they need to nail down exactly what causes it and what the circumstances are - zendesk tickets will help them do that.


He is just confirming that HE hasn’t seen it meaning he doesn’t pay attention to the threads. Jorg says he does although the output quality and quantity of updates so far say otherwise.

Ok that makes sense thanks

No problem.

One of the joys of simulators is that you can set the time, traffic and conditions to anything that may be required.

I hope that soon we can do the same in FS2020.

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I can show you my recreation of part of the most recent North America video. I thought I would see if it looks the same for me as it does in the video. Guess what? I think it does, but you can judge for yourself.

I’m at 142 hours on a stock 1080 at 1440p, ultra settings, 100% renderscale and, NO supersampling and don’t see any aliasing at all. I’ve also never had a CTD, patch fail to download, or seen any lightning anywhere but in a thunderstorm. (I do have all the AP issues though) So clearly everyone is experiencing different things, so it possible for them to also not see these issues.

I found the Q&A mostly quite enlightening. We got some good answers, some partial answers for tough topics that I can understand, and we also got a few “politician answers” where it seemed like they didn’t want to touch it and shifted focus. But overall, very enlightening indeed.

Thank you for your time and leading this interview, @Jummivana. I’m sure most of us really appreciate what you do. PS: Hope you get that raise I told them to give you for solving my issue. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for this, I’ll try to keep it this way :slight_smile:

Maybe this is an occasion to help us help you then. Please allow me to explain:

There are a number of people complaining on the forums their reports are closed. Now we know why: closed in Zendesk means “it has been processed”, either really closed or assigned to someone working on it. However when there are complaints about a problem which many are encountering (by the number of votes or posts confirming the same problem in the discussion), which on one hand could be hundreds of people having the same problem, but on the other hand, there is a dozen developers trying to repro and they can’t, this makes people suspicious whether they are collectively having hallucinations or whether the bugs reports are just discarded.

There are also other reports, highly documented which are exhibiting true bugs like the one I’ve posted about trees disappearing then reappearing as you’re flying toward them. Regardless you’ve read my post about this or not, with all the included details documenting this precisely, there is no way this is a game creative decision to make trees vanishing in the middle of the forest as you get closer and to make them suddenly popping in afterward. From all angles this is a bug and I’ve documented how this is in a series of LOD related bug, and Zendesk reports.

Now following the general principles of documenting, illustrating, etc… the end result nonetheless is there is no acknowledgement of this bug at all as if there is none. I’m certain Sebastien couldn’t memorize every ongoing bug reports, there are too many of them, but because every Zendesk submission is closed and there is no feedback, such statement in a Q&A leaves the impression we’re reporting bugs in vain.

I honestly feel a little embarrassed Sebastien was asked the LOD question for the bugs I’ve factually documented (you might want to really read my posts prior answering this). So here are a few suggestions if I may:

  1. For the next Q&A please make sure all questions the session moderator is about to ask have been prepared with answers: if there are many votes on a named problems, it is impossible to say there is no problem at all, it just doesn’t match the number of people reporting the problem and the number of developers reproducing and concluding there is none.
  2. For Zendesk bug reports, please add feedback for the sender about what is going on, whether discarded for a reason (lack of data to repro, inconclusive repro) or, work in progress. And for the later, it would be best to also get milestones (investigation started, trying to repro, analyzing data, postponed for further investigation, bug identified and triaged for postponed resolution, bug identified and triage for resolution now, etc…).

I believe just a tad more transparency with the bug reports should definitely quiet any “they do not care bug reports at all” comment and reassure people to continuing reporting bugs instead of making the same people which are contributing ending up thinking “I don’t care Flight Simulator at all either”.

PS: to spare you reading all my posts and illustrate my point, when measuring with the simulator developer tools the Terrain LOD slider which is in percent is adjusting LOD distance not by a factor of 2 when set to 200%, but 1.41 (which is the square root of 2), it makes wondering whether this is by design or a bug, and whether any “there is no LOD bug” comment is relevant. And regardless, I can’t believe people testing the simulator internally can’t repro the bug where trees are disappearing and reappearing, given the specific factors I’ve documented and the number of other people experiencing the very same problem (and this is only 1 kind of LOD bug in the simulator, there are others I and others have also documented precisely in the topics I’ve linked above - and submitted to Zendesk I shall add once again).


Yes, we need better feedback on our bugreports and wishlist suggestions.

For me personally, since I have more wishes than bugs, it would be good to know if they rejected the idea or not. I make all kinds of tiny suggestions, suggestions that easily could be implemented within 3 - 4 updates. I’m sure the UI people are not working on the AP issues… But as it is now I don’t know if I’m being heard by the devs. Some kind of update on non top 10 issues would be appreciated.

It would be absolutely lit if somebody of the gamedesign team occasionally came here to have a discussion about larger wishes.

edit: also, the side effect of me suggesting mostly tiny improvements (that really benefit all) means almost nobody is voting for them. Which makes me fear they will get lost.


Those issues are on 1080p and no matter what render settings are used, not on 1440p. There are so many complaints about it, but i guess everyone is on 1440p so who gives a ■■■■.

I’ve read about it almost everyday since release, so maybe YOU don’t consider it as a hot topic.

@CptLucky8, @Tjoeker

Thank you both for your feedback. I am not going to go into the LOD issue as the technical aspects are a bit beyond me currently. But I do want to quickly focus on the bug reporting feedback.

I am going to forward your suggestions on to the community managers, so they can see your feedback on the Q and A sessions.

Regarding bug reporting, this is a subject I am quite passionate about. In part, because I am starting out as web developer, all though COVID got in the way of finding my first job, but also because good bug reporting strategies have the potential to improve our experience as customers.

From my position as a moderator, I have seen a large number of these documented issues you highlighted (confusing ticket statuses, lack of feedback etc), and I recently sent internal feedback to the CMs so they could forward it on to the relevant people. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything more I can do on that.

In the meantime, where I can, I continue to stress the importance of detailed bug reports as they can be instrumental when fixing problems.

Thanks again for your feedback, and as I said I will be forwarding it on.


Very exiting news regarding the night issues, definitely sounds like are getting the long awaited increase of visual realism for the dark half of the day.

I’m still looking for a way to edit the light-bulb appearance/texture since this was degraded too after early alpha, but no luck so far…

Very good, hope you are enjoying your time as that’s what it’s all about.

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Fair - maybe the way I heard Sebastian talk about was misunderstood and I am happy to own that. I know it wasn’t just me who was like “what?” as several in Twitch chat weren’t terribly happy with the way the lightning issue was like “never seen it, sorry” type response.