Live snow?

Did anyone see the actual, “live” snow? I flew a lot in central Alaska and everything is green and it should be quite opposite. The only time I saw snow on the ground was during the precipitation. To me it looks like the live weather doesn’t take the accumulated snowfall data into the account. Perhaps I had bad luck and encountered a bug?


Probably more like “it doesn’t take seasons into account”.


It is supposed to do “Live” snow, similar to what it does for rain. But, @judgedrebb is correct, you will not see seasonal snow on the ground. You will only see it accumulate during a snow storm.

Try creating a snowstorm (rain below freezing)… If it doesn’t work, it’s broken…

I have seen videos during alpha where it worked.


I would reeeeaaalllyy love to see wet taxi- or runways, to be honest. I would trade seasons and whatnot for that.


What do you mean by wet taxi?

I don’t know if wet runway affects traction, but I have DEFINTELY seen rain on the runway/aprons/taxiways with “puddling” and splashing in the rain. I haven’t tried snow I don’t think (I might have, I just don’t remember doing it), but I did see a video where the user had accumulating snow on the grass in a snow storm that got thicker/deeper over time.

Try it. Start a hard rainy day and see what you get. Then do the same with the temperature set at say 20F…

I can set the snow manually. It’s working like for anyone else. What I want is an actual snowcapped ground where it’s supposed to be according to the data. I won’t call it seasons because it’s part of the weather and snow can happen at any time of the year and in any climate zone.

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So, I understand how you feel, but, what you are looking for is by definition “seasons”, and it is not supported at this time.

Trust me, I wanted to enjoy the foliage this fall (and yes, I know someone recently created an addon, but I haven’t tried it yet), so, I was disappointed a little, but, I had fun anyways.

Yes, as you say, you can bury the ground in snow using the weather slider, which seems like a reasonable substitute to me. Maybe gamers will be able to purchase the entire world with entirely accurate weather for $59 some day, but I’m not holding my breath.I think that what MSFS does provide is outstanding. Every day it brings me pleasure. But I’ve also been lucky and have never had an CTD.

I’m pretty sure Asobo said seasons will be supported someday… Just not today.


Just adding my own thoughts on this, my bet is that Asobo wants to do as much better of a job of seasons over FSX as they have the rest of the program… There’s a whole lot of textures involved that need to be created and color matched and just tons and tons of artwork, not to mention, how will they make it work with photogrammetry (I’m not looking for an answer, I’m sure there are solutions) and still maintain performance. And I bet they also would like to add a little more granularity to it, maybe even integrate it with the weather system, probably they HAVE to, which is a whole other nut to crack. I don’t expect seasons to implemented for a year.

What you are suggesting is that in Spring everything should be lush green, Summer, darker green with waving hay fields, Fall, lot’s of yellows and reds, and finally winter with some snow accumulation.
How about areas that basically experience 2-3 months of bad sledding? Snow on the ground in September thru to end of May. That is where I live and although we now have 30cm of snow on the ground, I am seeing lush green in the sim.

I would like to see them use the data they have, to depict regions as they are. Not use elevation to decide where, on the mountain, to deposit snow. I am only 2300 ft asl and just spent 3 hours pushing a snowblower around in -20c.

Season’s? Ha! Not everywhere.

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That’s interesting that you think that’s what I said… Have a nice day!

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I am reading a lot of references to seasons. My point is that seasons do not determine snow pack. We have snow being modelled on high mountains in the summer, so why not just model it based on snow pack data instead.

Seasons mean very little in certain parts of the world. Sometimes it is dark and cold with lots of snow and sometimes it is never dark and there is less snow.

Then read the rest of what I wrote, and use your imagination.

“And I bet they also would like to add a little more granularity to it, maybe even integrate it with the weather system, probably they HAVE to, which is a whole other nut to crack.”

I said EXACTLY what you asked for, if you thought about it for a second.

I read everything you wrote. Not sure why you are being defensive about it. I never said you were wrong and did not disagree with anything you said, except this…

I was then pointing out that , in my humble opinion, seasons are overrated when determining snow cover. If we can have rain accumulating on taxiways at any time of year then why not snow. Snow is not a product of seasons. It is weather, and it accumulates, like rain, and can happen any time of year.

This is not and never was an attack on your posts, merely pointing out that as much as I would also like to see seasons, they are not a requirement to “live snow”.

In all likelihood, the current MeteoBlue model would not contain data on existing snowpack. That data is available from real world sources, but it would not typically be contained in a predictive forecast model.

If, eventually, Asobo does include snowpack from real-world data sources as part of an overall “seasons” implementation, that would be a first. FSX/P3D does include snow on the ground as part of their “winter” season, but it is based strictly on latitude. My home airport in the interior northeastern US always has snow-covered ground in P3D in December and January. Unfortunately it has no relation to whether snow actually exists or not in real time.

I just want ability to set inches of snow on the ground without having any falling right now.

What if I log in and set the precipitation for max snow over a large area. And stay logged in while sleeping say 72 hours or so :wink: then come back and fly. Will I see snow capped mountains and a heavy accumulation of snow?