Live Streams: Preview of Landmarks Panama City Pack by Orbx

Join me this week as we do some real Air Canada / Air Canada Express operations! Streams will start at noon ET/5PM GMT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On Tuesday, at noon ET/5PM GMT, I’ll be doing some real Lufthansa Cityline operations in and out of Prague, where we preview Orbx Prague Vaclav Havel Airport for MSFS. The airport will be releasing on Orbx Central this coming Friday, February 11th, 2022.

Today’s flight will be Air Canada 683 from St. John’s (CYYT) to Toronto (CYYZ) in the FlyByWire A32NX.

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Join me today as we take out the Heavy Division B78XH Mod out for some Air Canada Ops, between Toronto and Montreal, starting at noon ET/5PM GMT.

:point_right: 🔴Toronto to Montreal | B78XH Mod | Microsoft Flight Simulator Live Real World Air Canada Ops - YouTube

We’ll be doing a roundtrip to test out the B78XH mod. Didn’t want to do a longer flight and then have issues with the mod. :sunglasses:

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Other than the CTD while starting cold & dark, everything was going fine until I put the A/P. B78XH Mod’s LNAV doesn’t work and constantly takes you for a spin. :rofl:

Back at it on Friday in the CRJ9! CYOW-CYYZ-KDCA-CYYZ-CYOW

I can’t wait for the PMDG 737 to give another viable option for flying airliners as it’s pretty much the A32NX and CRJ. :sunglasses:

Edit: I’ll be doing another stream at 2:45 PM ET / 7:45 PM GMT in the A32NX from CYYZ to CYUL. :point_right: 🔴Toronto to Montreal | FlyByWire A32NX | Microsoft Flight Simulator Live #MSFS2020 - YouTube

Join me at the top of the hour for a roundtrip Air Canada Express flight from CYOW-CYYZ-KDCA-CYYZ-CYOW in the CRJ900! Should be a fun time and I’m using Sim Update 8 BETA!

:point_right: 🔴Roundtrip: CYOW-CYYZ-KDCA | CRJ-900 | Microsoft Flight Simulator Live Real World Air Canada Ops - YouTube

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Join me on Monday, February 21st at noon ET/5PM GMT as I do a live preview of Landmarks Panama City Pack by Orbx.