Live Traffic blocked in the Middle East?

Flying from Beirut south through Israel I am not picking up any AI or MP Planes…

Double check all my settings… All Players , AI traffic On , custom weather…

These settings give me live and ai traffic anywhere else,

game bug or security setting set in place by Israel ?

Since I also noticed some Ai issues.
Give it a try and enable nameplates in settings, general, traffic

For me AI planes are visible once nameplates where turned on.

on already …i just flew in klax same setings saw all traffic just fine,

placed all my settings on full live and started at Tel Aviv …and no air traffic or even ai trafiic on ground… this is odd will restart game see if it fixes something.

OK so on the flight planning map when u pick dep or arvl u can clearly see traffic as icons on the map…klax fine llgb tel aviv nothing,

I must believe that traffic is being blocked for security reasons?

I’ve seen some dropouts of traffic (players disappearing for a few moments) when flying over Sweden. Could be something with the network data.

i doubt it, I dont see any traffic at all for any amount of time… same thing in Syria…

But I do see traffic in Egypt…

NO traffic in Saudi Arabia either… Id exspect atleast AI planes…

My little nav map isnt picking up any traffic either

Can someone got o LLBG Tel Aviv and verify no traffic ?

yup klax and ksea work fine all traffic visible… somethings not working in the ME.

Can confirm that AI is defect in LLBG area… no AI at all .

Great thanks…

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I started a flight in Saudi a couple of hours ago and had live traffic. The ATC was pretty busy while I sat at the gate. Airport was the King Whatshisname.