LIVE TRAFFIC BUG. / MSFS2020 Freezes around the 20min mark / workaround is to turn off live traffic

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After around 20min the sim freezes! It doesn’t CTD just freezes. Had to go to task manager and shut the thing down. Couldn’t complete a single flight. THE BUG WAS THE LIVE TRAFFIC! Switched to OFF and completed the flight.

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Just fly with live traffic ON

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9900K RTX3090 32GB RAM M2

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Hi @bodyspike,
Can you double check that you’d removed all your mods/add-ons including liveries and marketplace content?

It sounds like Live Traffic might be loading a ‘bad’ livery and causing this.


Hi, I don’t have any add on liveries installed. All the world updates are installed via marketplace. I also use generic liveries to ease the cpu load.


Hi @bodyspike
Was this a one-time freeze, or are you consistently getting a freeze at around 20 minutes into any flight? There are quite a few topics about freezes (just run a search with “freeze” in the title), for example:

It’s consistent on every flight when live traffic is on

I have the same issue, thought it’s not at a consistent time point. No crashes since disabling live traffic. Only mod is PMDG 737

Ryzen 5 5600x 16GB RAM RTX 4060

Well, that is just weird. :worried:
I’ve had freezes on flights in the past (though none recently on the latest SU15 builds). Using Live Traffic is my default traffic choice, and my flights can last up to a couple of hours.

One test you could do is to start a flight with Live Traffic turned on. Fly for 15-18 minutes, then go into the Data settings and set Live Real-World Air Traffic (LRWAT) to OFF. Then go back to your flight. In theory, if LRWAT is the sole cause of the freeze, then you should now be able to fly past the 20-minute mark.

At, say, 22 minutes, go back into settings & turn LRWAT back on. If the sim freezes shortly thereafter, LRWAT becomes (is confirmed as) the prime suspect to this mystery. If, however, you fly around for another hour, say & land at an airport full of Live Traffic without a problem, then the cause of your freezes becomes more complex.