Live Traffic Models - Is there something for *not* AI?

I see lots of information about injecting, and ignoring, the live traffic in MSFS.
I, however, am happy with the live traffic I see.

The problem for, as many have mentioned is all the “Gen” traffic, most of which in my area is private jet sized aircraft getting matched to the most often used twin engine jet by the MSFS model matcher, the A320.

I’ve even gone so far and used the Longitude and CJ4 and Global 6000, and created a bunch of liveries for these planes using the airline name of many of the common operators around here, Next Jets (EJA) Vista Jet, Tailwind, and so on, granted just pointing to the same livery often times, but not always. But MSFS ignores this most of the time and just blithely matches the A320 to the twinjets.

So I’m looking for a collection of jet models, and prop models, not just the typical Boeings and Airbus’s, but Hawker 800, Cessna 402, and so on, that are typically used by the charters around here and so on, set up to be driven by MSFS Live traffic to get better matching for when I’m sitting at places like KBED and KACK. So much traffic in and out of these airports now it’s great. We’re almost there…

I’ve seen AIG, who seem to have disappeared? and FSTL, which says “Turn OFF Live Traffic!, use our injector!”… Should I look at these? Are there other sources? Has anyone worked with the generic models and figured out how to get better matches?

No, I’m not interested in injected AI traffic, I just want better model matching for the Live Traffic in the sim.

Are we there yet?

(I know somebody’s going to come in and say “10 more minutes” like I used to say to my kids :wink: )

AIG hasn’t “disappeared” - have you not been to their website, on Discord?

In fact, they have the widest array of models available for this game…including many of the jets you’re looking for.

You can get the models from the installer and let the sim match to them (without using the injector) - however, the game still has a problem with matching.

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I have, but, even in reading and looking around, it’s pretty confusing to me, and I just keep reading they stopped doing stuff because of “copyright”, so I wasn’t sure how active it is or what that even means. And I’m not understanding the “installer”. I’ve read a lot of people who have said it’s a nightmare to work with.

Again, I’m not judging here, just trying to understand the landscape and find some truth amongst the “complainers” as it were. If you’re read my posts, I’m pretty happy with the state of the sim, which might be a surprising stance if you go by a lot of the posts here. (overgeneralization, obviously, there’s tons of people who post here and are happy with the sim).

I do have Henrik’s GAIST on my system, that seems to be working some.

Technically, I was looking for people’s opinions on the best sources for models, and if they work with “Live Traffic”. I really don’t want to get into managing AI and routes and all that. But I can’t say I’ve put a lot… any… effort into it. So nothing to complain about.

really don’t know what you’re reading…but it isn’t correct. They are quite active and have pretty much always been (supporting multiple games at the same time).

IMO, they are the best current source of a wide array of models (they just need to update some for native format).

If you want easy, stick with FSTL (again, you dont’ have to use their injector), just know they don’t have as full a range of models as AIG.

Everyone’s system is different, I actually get better play using AIG than I do with FSTL.

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That’s what it seemed like to me, but I couldn’t really tell.

Most of what I see out there is stuff on how to deal with problems, not describing what these things are all about and I’m relatively new to the concept of managing stuff like this. I’ve tried to do it myself and it’s a lot of work.

Thanks, though, I’ll concentrate more on AIG. Their website isn’t the easiest to navigate for a newbie, not that I’m a newbie to FS. I go there and there’s just a bunch of gobbleygook that I see about a bunch of work they’ve done, and I’ve been to the forum that’s seems mostly about FSX and P3D, but I’m not seeing anything to help a newbie at the process in MSFS do what I want, which is work with existing Live Traffic. But I’ll look harder. What I’m trying to do is avoid months of research and testing to figure stuff out. But maybe I’m just blind.

they have dedicated support forums for each of their main software tools (AIM which installs the models and TC which is the injector). Once you’re logged in there, you can see the forums.

There are quite a few people on their Discord who are helpful as well (I actually helped the Dev trouble shoot a major lag issue several months back when they where introducing contrails and other effects).

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Ok, thanks,

AIM - AI-Manager… The name was throwing me off so I was passing it by, I’m not looking to manage my AI… Which is what I thought it was for, so I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t see any other applicable downloads.

As I noted, I have zero interest in managing AI flight plans, or anything AI, which is all it says in the description for it is that’s what it’s for. I had looked in the zip and didn’t see any models or liveries, it looked like all it was was for managing AI… My fault for not reading the manual… Working on it.

Edit: Actually, I had, all it talks about is managing flight plans… not what I want to do. All the flights are already there, I’m just looking for model matching setup…

AIM installs everything so you need run that and pick the airlines you want to install.

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So many undefined acronyms to learn… sigh

Thanks for the help… I’m getting there now and it’s making more sense. Time for me to learn stuff…

I also tried to change the generic private/business airplanes by ‘splitting’ the LatinVFR Static Aircraft bundle. There are many Hawkers and other private aircraft in that bundle.
Unfortunately I ended with a lot of ‘pink’ textures in the game, but at least the models appeared as generic traffic.
It’s a lot of work, clanging Asobo_Generic_Jet files and so fort…
I gave it up, maybe before a fresh installation Iill try again.

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I assumed they are Static planes in that package. Do they fly as AI, too?

You’re correct, they are static.
I’m fiddling with the CJ4, Longitude and others (and liveries) in combination with the generic jet-files and they fly as AI.
Easiest way to do is giving them the lines in the aircraft.cfg file:


Even the A310-300 reacts to this rule :smiley:

Unfortunately, I can’t get it to log into Avsim when I install OCI, it just hangs on the Avsim window it pops up, and I can’t find the post I saw for getting past this. And this is even though I’m already logged into Avsim in another tab…

do you have a login for the AVSIM library? It is different from the forum access login (you need the library one for AIM to get those files).

Yes, sorry, I should have said that… Yes, I was logged into both the main site and the library.


In the AIM tool, if you go to Setting/Cookies does it show that AVSIM is “LOGGED IN”?

If it is and you still have issues, you might need to hop onto Discord and chat with the AIG team how to fix it (or skip the ones that don’t work) or post on their forums.