Live Traffic not showing up just lately

`PC, Microsoft store version,

Is anyone having issues with Live Traffic. I am not sure if its related to the live weather issue going on, or if its an add on or something I did.

Jan 2 2022

Yes I noticed something similar. Where I used to have much offline AI traffic and ATC used the correct a/l call sign, now it’s all gone. No traffic on the VFR Map, ATC rarely speaks to another a/c except to address it as, “Generic”. Another strange thing: at night, I can see lights from quite a few a/c. Don’t know if anyone has a fix for this. Sometimes I really miss how well things worked in MSFS X.

It all depends on where you are in the world. Flight Aware has much better CONUS coverage versus the rest of the world. I have FA traffic showing up heavily even in the middle of places where you don’t have too much commercial jet traffic. It’s live, real, you can look up the flight numbers and they match ORG-DEST and time of flight.

Most of my flights are in and out of KATL, a very busy place. No flights now.

Not sure what’s happening on your system, but here’s KATL right now. Note all the Live Delta Flights around me (you can verify ORG-DEST, Flight Number and timing using any commercial flight traffic site), as well as the actual Delta Flight next to me preparing to depart. The only mod I’m using is Aerosoft Simple Traffic. When used with Live Traffic, all it’s doing is applying the correct liveries to the AI traffic, not anything else.