Live traffic not working (Xbox)

Anyone had an issue with Live traffic.

I go to London Heathrow for example and I only see one plane for the whole 30 mins I was there for.

Is it working correctly? I was expecting to be in a short queue while waiting for take off?


Same here on Frankfurt Airport. Just nothing happens.

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I’m not sure why?? It’s obvs a problem because usually they will stream the real flights. So for example, on flight trader 24, you can see lots of flights and at Heathrow , a plane will land there every min at least, so it’s clearly not working correctly.
Might just switch to AI…

Hello! From my point of view, and after several days using MSFS on XBOX, I think that for the release they have limited many features that can make it not work well on the console. In fact, and this is just a personal opinion, I think that the graphical quality of the first day was much higher than yesterday …