Live Traffic with working Liveries!

If you haven’t already, you’re going to run into more and more issues with Ai given the “pre-mature” state it is currently in.

  1. No matter how many correct configs/models/liveries you have, it appears that the game has a limit on how many varieties it will display (both static and with live).
  2. Given the limitations of #1, even if you have the correct setup, if the plane hasn’t already spawned (as static), it will not likely be utilized for a real-time aircraft.
  3. It’s clear that Ai have real performance issues with things like taxi, takeoff and landing speeds, none of which appears to be fixable without updates to the SDK
  4. Unless you use native models (which there aren’t really any), importing FSX models will produce lots of issues with lighting (blocks of lights infront and below) which is also an issue that can’t easily be fixed
  5. I have found many, many issues with airports and pathing errors resulting in many stuck Ai even at “handcrafted” airports - such as this - KATL Pathing Issues Stops Ai from Taking off (and getting stuck on taxiway)

While it’s fun to tinker, just don’t have high expectations yet!

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