Live traffic working! (not any more as it has not been improved by november)

Altough models and liveries arent actual, -because Asobo and Microsoft must be dealing right now with all that licencing-, LIVE TRAFFIC is working great! Check it out:


Except it’s not reporting accurate information, and aircraft are exhibiting eratic behaviour. Like all the features of this “sim” they look great but when the wow factor wears off you realize how horribly bugged and unfinished this is. Let’s start with Live weather incorrect, reporting winds aloft at 225/3 world wide. Live traffic, aircraft will fly after departure at 1500 agl or at incorrect altitudes causing ATC to repeatedly call out to them. This is largely due to the delay in reporting of from flight trackers, but the delay (like when using the plugin in Xplane) causes eratic aircraft behaviour. Suttering when using live traffic, Garmins incomplete, approach and departures missing from them, inability to go direct to in a flight plan approach, inability to load a flight plan. Live weather stops working if you go back to the main menu, forcing a sim restart to get it back. The list goes on.


That‘s a wrong statement.


He’s got his weather on custom :laughing: but ahem… no, let him continue. I’m sorry lol Just amazes me how people like to do this to people (or their forum posts) who are genuinely having fun. They must be fun at parties.

His point on the weather is valid but then again, that has been reported, it’s like the top known issue: - Known Issues -. So really i don’t get it why people have to do what he did above.


Don’t have any trouble with the wind. After flight planning I click on live weather and then go back to the flight planning and click on the departure and arrival airport and the actual wind is then displayed. Btw, having lots of fun too despite many bugs. Will all be fixed at some point.


Totally agree that the ATC callouts can get quite annoying. I did notice on a flight last night that there was a SWA flight that was about 17m behind the actual landing time. Still had fun though.

You know what, your assumption is incorrect so drop the smug attitude. 399 votes and counting, wind will always be 225/3 once you depart from the airport tuff guy.


Here is the thread, so smarten up.


Dude, I apologized. You got 0 chill. I said your point on the weather was valid but that it was a known issue so no need to be crabby about it. :salt: :salt: :salt:


It’s on the known issues list and will hopefully get fixed in the next patch. You can keep being annoyed by it or ignore it for the time being.


It’s even more amazing when they’re lining up for take off with you at the airport! Not sure if what I observed was AI or live though!

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Are you seeing it at the airports? Sometimes I hang out at busy airports like KATL and I do not see the traffic that should be coming in or out.
Are there any special adjustments in the sim necessary other than Live Traffic?

Well, aircraft traffic has been affected by COVID-19. Not sure about how ATL arrivals/departures have been specifically affected but there is an option in the settings menu to change it to AI traffic as well, if you wanted more air traffic.

And yes, I seen air traffic on the ground departing as well. They were probably live as my settings are set to live traffic.

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Yes. It seems a lot better now.


Low traffic ingame has nothing to do with Covid. Perhaps for the sake of performance (speculation) since AI traffic is known to be a resource liability atm. In any case, keep in mind that there’s a delay to what we see in game compared to FlightAware. Most flights I see in game are delayed 5-10 minutes irl. Live traffic is awesome when it works and I can’t wait until they find a way to ramp it up without killing performance.

ATC doing ATC things, we almost crashed on the final lol


Any news regarding models and liveries? Will it be a developers task?


I imagine devs (and their partners) will be looking to have their own models and liveries. For add ons, I would go here:

I dont have addons though, just OnAir for the career mode.

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Yea, who else is so sick and tired of the word GENERIC :confounded:


But do you actually get that traffic when you then load the flight? I see this at EHAM as well but when I load the flight there is nowt…