Live weather atlast wow

great to see after the patch 5 that live weather is for me at least, fixed, live in MCO and Met is spot on…happy days thanks ASOBO great job

cheers and peace out


It’s only working for me half the time. Sometimes it will load in perfectly, other times it will load into sunny skies and 3 kn winds. Getting very frustrating! This is after a full restart of the sim.

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Had a nice flight today in heavy clouds SW of norway. Sadly i did not record it.

As usual i have WINDY open besides the sim. At one moment i saw a small pocket with no clouds and went there with the plane as it was in the vicinity. And sure there was a cloudfree pocket in the sim. It was not a small pocket but it nevertheless was there.

I do not expect super accuracy down to every single cloud but anyhows was nice.

The solution I found for getting live weather to always work for every flight is this:

Start a flight and set “clear weather”. Load the flight then quit it.

This will then make it so the world map will default to clear weather for every flight you fly for now on even after restarting the sim.

Now, whenever you load a flight it will load with clear weather. You then go to the in-flight weather menu at the top of the screen and switch it to live. This will reliably give you live weather every time.

From this point forward don’t touch anything about the weather when planning a flight. The main downside to this is you can’t get any live airport weather reports from the world map.

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I believe Windy also only retrieves new data once an hour, though.

If the weather makes trouble for me i just switch to any weather and back to real weather and all is good.

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So I assume you are playing without live traffic and multiplayer then right? I don’t think it is possible to switch between weather modes if all live options are enabled from the world screen.

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Well, last night I was flying in the Toccoa area in GA. Live weather loaded in and was thunderstorms. Local weather reports showed clear skies. The thunderstorm were nice just not true to what was actually happening!

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I have YET to see anyone proclaiming it works perfectly provide any sort of evidence except for “it looked right”.

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it have certain geographical places with thunderstorm problem - north israel for example

From what I have seen so far, live weather is still very unstable i.e sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t!

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all i have is vatsim / ivao thats the only way fly, therefore it produces exactly what i need for real world weather…

I’ve completed 6 flights since Weather worked perfectly ( matched metar, wind, cloudls, precip, altimeter and temp) in 2 of them. Seems like this weather issue is clearly a server problem. At least the developer acknowledged the problem and explained what the weather is supposed to do the real weather is supposed to match the airport metar on the ground and transition to the meteoblue model once airborne per the last dev update on twitch.

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