Live Weather broken?

Yes, in LFLB all clear instead of heavy Rain.

Yep. On UK servers flying around the upper Rhine just now, took about 5 minutes for the live weather to kick in. (Although I have wind from the outset)

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Same issue here, and I’ve got a NO METAR AVAILABLE when selecting airports around me (which definitely have weather stations)

There is a notice about a server migration, it’s probably to do with that.

I guess so but the schedule was for 0800z for a few minutes and it is now 1500z

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Well, consider this experience affected I guess.

Anyway, I seem to have gotten live weather to work by setting it to live before loading a flight. I’ve been loading flights with clear skies after that bug a while ago. Give it a try.

EDIT - Well that worked for one flight, now we’re back to clear skies and no METAR available.

Now, if only Microsoft could change real weather to clear skies that easily, but I guess we’d get complaints about no rain, snow etc.

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The Live WX just kicked in. I was literally just flying in CAVU with no METAR reports available at Class B departure and arrival airports in my plan, and now there’s a thick layer at FL200.

Still dead here

Just tried a minute ago - no clouds at any airport I spawned into - hopefully addressed soon.

Depends on who’s responsibility it was to do this migration. Given that it started at 0800Z, could be Asobo and they’re probably done for the day. If it’s MS there’s a little more hope.

+1 from Germany.

Just a double-check - make sure you’re flying in Real Time (don’t roll back the clock) - I found my setting to fly about three hours earlier from last night’s flying session was still in effect.

Adding to this: when I have no real weather it helps to change the time to the past or future and then click live again. Probably that comes close to a restart.

That shouldn’t affect live weather.

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A lot in this sim “shouldn’t” do what it does :wink:


You are right sadly …

Sadly that did nothing :frowning:

maybe their server migration just didn’t work out that well…