Live weather but not live time

How can I just get the current/live weather regardless of what time I start my flight?
Maybe I want to make a daylightflight and I happen to do it when it’s dark outside and still want the live weather.


just make sure you’re not on ‘live players’ multiplayer mode, and you can select any weather you want, including live weather.

‘live players’ mode forces real time and real weather on everyone on that mode.


So what you’re saying is that if “not on ‘live players’ multiplayer mode” and I first choose live weather and then change the time to what I prefer I still will have live weather?

yep. You can also switch between clear skies and live weather, and move the time of day slider any time you want.

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ok, thanks!
Well then one can just hope the MSFS live weather actually is the current weather…
Is it possible to check what the the current MSFS weather is while in the aircraft, getting a METAR or something. A click on the Weather icon opens a window that doesn’t seem to offer any valuable info.
My experience is that ATC gives a departure runway just weird compared to the real weather situation.

Default ATC is a bit dodgy (doesn’t really take real airport operations /. runway preferences into account either).
Live weather has improved a lot lately (cross compare to meteoblue’s site), and lines up pretty well with METAR. Still has some glitches occasionally, but it’s pretty darn good overall.

i do not think thats correct, live weather means automaticaly live time.

And what does “automaticaly live time” mean?

Well I just turned on the ATIS at the airport (Split) I’m standing on rights now and then I checked a real weather METAR, it turned out almost the same

You could end up with noon temperatures at midnight. :smiley:

Or the other way round.

This is exactly what I do. I don’t typically have muiltiplayer enabled, so this is the mode I usually fly in. I would say easily 80% of the time, I’m using live time and weather. I only tend to change weather and time of day when I’m flying sightseeing tours in locations with either bad weather or night time.

it does not. Only the ‘live players’ multiplayer mode forces both live time and live weather.

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