LIVE weather clouds density (opacity) always ZERO

The fact that in some hours of the day, clouds are thicker is quite hard to explain tbh …

Post your previous picture with the darker cloud base lined graduation here please Weather and Live Weather - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

This is a great point. Maybe it IS that live clouds simply are never anything beyond 0% density. It makes sense. The cloudscapes are never dramatic and seem to be the same light puffs.

What I’d love to see

And just to quickly take a look, I flew into a cyclone down near Hong Kong using Live Weather. I looked at the weather debug menu in SU11 beta and cloud opacity never got above 0.01

When I manually changed to a preset and set the clouds to 100% opacity, the weather debug menu seemed to showed 0.25 right in the middle of a cloud. It’s confirming our suspicion that live weather does not seem to inject any clouds above 0.01 density.


Very true observation, this needs more votes!


For confirmation and emphasis:

I have run the weather debug window quite frequently in recent days and I haven’t seen values greater than 0.01 for cloud density.


Thanks for reporting your testing that confirms the issue. Hope this thread will be moved to feedback-logged soon.


Further evaluation showed that depending on the weather conditions and position inside the cloud the values for cloud density differ quite largely, so simply reading it inflight is obviously not very scientific.
Taking the drone camera inside the clouds today in (bad) Live weather around EIDW showed cloud density values up to 0.15.
I also discovered that cloud appearance from the ground is determined by the value for cloud column density, while the cloud density value obviously determines the density inside the cloud.
So unfortunately imho the dependencies between weather conditions, these values and their impact on cloud depiction in Live weather needs further evaluation.


the problem is the high light penetration rate of the clouds that are further away from the player. This results in an unrealistic glow of yellow light scattered in the clouds at sunrise and sunset. Clouds should have a much greater ability to block light and cast shadows than they do today


I agree, with that and also the low density in clouds. Mostly i can see the blue sky through those puffs of clouds. I bet it’s because they have changed the rendering of clouds to increase performance. If they increase the density now it will look like volcanic ash instead.