Live weather data stuck on old data once again

Live weather data seems to be stuck once again on 24 hour old data.

As you can see the in game map lines up within sat data that is 24 hours previous. The weather in game also reflects 24 hours previous weather:

Oh boy, I hope you are kidding.

Sadly I’m not

Feedback given to dev team and seems to be fixed.

Time to buy Rex Weather Force 2020 which overrides the MS real weather and uses its own real weather. You can also create your own weather with it. I have this. I have always used 3rd party weather programs in my flight sims. FS 2004, FSX, Xplane and now MS FS 2020.

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In other sims it was necessary to have 3rd party add ons for weather. But in MSFS the default weather system is much better for nearly everything.


Closing topic as issue has been resolved by OP.