Live Weather Does Not Match Wind Readings

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What about the issue with Live Weather not working after the initial flight. This has been an ongoing problem for days now. My first flight after boot, live weather loads. I go back the main menu map, and select a new airport and none of them show any weather. Go to settings and the live weather has defaulted to custom preset. if I switch back to live weather its not showing any data. I have to restart the sim again to get live weather to work. This started after I installed new hardware and got a Game pass for PC Error Code: 0x803F8001 that I had to fix with UAC settings on my system. What a disaster this is.

This REALLY shows you how bad it is! MSFS data appears to be DAYS OLD! #1 and #3 are within 10 mins of being current. #2 is about 3 hours current.

Compare those with MS’s silly weather!


This is from the current typhoon Maysak:

They make a big fuzz about their Live Weather for months, putting it as a Highlight into their marketing machine, list it in the game features on sales pages. Well knowing, that it didn’t work since Alpha.
And now they need us to vote it in the Bugs & Issues section?
What else do they need, before they get their advertised features working?
A signed letter from the United Nations?

The wind Readings are totally off. Even in Europe, i never had more than 10 Kts on the ground. Even when the map said there were 30 Kts. The higher you fly, the nearer you get the Readings to the “probably” real values. It sometimes feels like flying in a “bubble”.
Then you have things happening like ATIS telling you about 20 Kts. Wind and heavy rain when you land at an Airport, while there isn’t even a cloud on the horizon (and that wasn’t during a “second” flight, where the weather doesn’t work anymore at all, anyways)…


Here’s the link to the thread to upvote fixing the weather issues: Live weather is not working

Good to see these posts and confirm for me that it’s not working. There were storms moving through the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex this morning but none of it showed up in the game.

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False marketing…!

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in my case the weather is not updating accurately. Sometimes I compare it with the METAR report of the moment and the simulator generates the meteorology of two or four hours ago. therefore it is not meteorological in real time

You know what MS says about it? Truly funny! This was their reply to me from my support ticket concerning the ‘weather’:

"Both METAR reports and the meteoblue weather reports that we represent in the sim are scientific weather measures and / or forecasts that can sometimes lack precision. Most of the time they will match but sometimes, they will not.

This also happens in real life where METARS are updated regularly but can be inaccurate when weather is changing rapidly. Currently we represent the weather data as we receive it from the data sources, without any curation / consolidation which means that when there is a lack of precision, it will be seen in the sim. "

Let’s face it, we are just a bunch of idiots who know nothing! :wink:



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the Metar report is updated every hour. And the simulator shows the update from two or four hours ago? What sudden change in weather are you talking about?

@LeoG7879 - Look at my post Live Weather and Wind Readings are Not accurate

The storm in MSFS is about 500 km south from Okinawa. Live radar, even 3 hours old radar, has the storm where it should be. MS has it 500 km away! :wink:

The data in MSFS is DAYS OLD! Not recent at all!

Worthless! This is how bad the weather is in MSFS.



Trying to sweep the problems under the rug…

Their so called “Live Weather” seems to work as “good” as their “Live Traffic”.
Thank God, they are at least looking into important things like the missing Achievement issue… :rofl:


I got the same response verbatim on my support ticket, including a comment at the end about this being put on the backlog.

I sure hope not, winds are to critical to be on a backlog.

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Live weather finally working for me in N Caribbean. I was getting ‘live’ weather that was 24 hrs old until I disabled my VPN and download speeds increased. Now everything current and winds aloft south of Grand Cayman 79 deg/20kt @ 160. Not perfectly accurate but better than 225@3

oh!!! Now it is clear to me … the bounce of the radar is what causes the delay in Live Weather … perhaps it is a vortex in space time

In my experience with live weather in the US, 99% of the time the winds aloft were, as many here have reported, always 225 @ 3. I had a one flight in South Florida (my home turf), where the winds were 47 @ 135 until I descended into the airport traffic area at which time the winds instantly changed to 225 @ 3. Also, the clouds merge with the ground at times. Nothing matches the METARs.

I did a couple of flights out of LOWI in Austria and around the alps, and the winds aloft appeared to be more realistic. The visuals were stunning too, with realistic cloud layers over the mountains. But the OATs were way off. I doubt it was 30deg C at 14,000 MSL anywhere in Europe. Right now in South Florida that would be near the forecast freezing level, and its 85F at the surface.

“Live” weather is currently broken.

I think that when it comes to the winds, what the GNS display shows is not consistent with the upper winds. Many times, for example, the display shows 278 @ 1 but the airplane shakes like a blender. When it comes to clouds, and environment the FS2020 is unbeatable.

METARs and ATIS are still waay off and whatever the tower gives my on final never matches either one. Having winds aloft in the Carib is something but still no lightning and flying through 40,000 ft hot towers smooth as butter is obviously lacking realism.